Update: It looks like ‘gestures’ will not be available in this update – it was added to the beta for developers to test how it would affect apps.

iOS 4.3 has officially landed for the iPod, iPhone and iPad.  We’re currently downloading the update to see if the new gesture controls, which we saw in the beta, are still available.  However they aren’t mentioned on Apple’s official iOS 4.3 page so we’re assuming they didn’t make the cut.  So what’s new?

  • Airplay has been updated to now work with your iOS device’s camera so you can instantly stream photos and videos to a compatible device.
  • Safari has received some tweaking and now includes the new Nitro JavaScript engine, which Apple says runs Javascript twice as fast as the last iteration of Safari.
  • iTunes Home Sharing now works with your entire library, meaning you can watch movies, music, TV shows or Podcasts on any iOS device on the shared WiFi network.
  • The iPad side switch can now be customized to the user preference.  But before you get to excited it’s limited to two options: orientation lock or mute.  We were sorting of hoping it could be mapped to any option, but oh freakin’ well.
  • Android has long offered this feature, but the iPhone is now Personal Hotspot enabled, meaning you can share your phone’s Internet connection with up to 5 devices.  But there is a small caveat: only 3 WiFi devices can connect simultaneously, while the other two have to be over USB or Bluetooth, though we’re not sure how many Bluetooth connections it supports.

iOS 4.3 is compatible with the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPad 1 and iPad 2.  Sorry 3G users, you’re SOL.


Christen Costa

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