Ridiculous price aside ($120), Monster’s iMotion is one novel piece of kit for the car.

At the core it’s an iPod charger that sports a 30-pin connector and 3.5mm audio output.  So you can plug one end into your iPod (or iPhone) and the others into your car’s cigarette lighter adapter and audio aux input.  But what makes it novel, and worth publishing on this fine here website, is that a small sensor perched at the top of the charger portion of the device allows you to control your iPod with a set of hand motions.

Placing a stagnant hand in front of the iMotion will pause/play your iPod, while swiping left to right will either skip the track forward or backwards.

Novel?  Yes.  Expensive?  Yes.  Worth the money?  Hells no.  Nonetheless, it’s an interesting product that will probably never gain traction, largely due to its hefty price tag and limited functionality.  Also, throw in the fact that your car has to sport an AUX input and a cigarette lighter port that is within arms reach.

Source: CNet

Christen Costa

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