Medicine takes another step towards virtualisation with this smart add-on that turns your iPhone 3G, 3GS and iPhone 4 into the ultimate mole hunter. Yes, the moles that grow on skin.

The handyscope is a case which fits your iPhone, aligning its camera with a lens system. Next, the contraption is placed against the skin, while a LED illuminated the microscopic landscape of your pores. There’s zoom and auto-focus, in case skin defects decide to make a run for it and need to be followed sports-action photo style.

“We developed the handyscope for all doctors who want to have the possibility to take pictures of the skin and work with them later. It is an alternative for those who miss the ‛capture-and-save-function’ when using conventional handheld dermatoscopes,” explains Andreas Mayer, chief executive officer of FotoFinder.

So if you’re a doctor, there, that’s for you. And if you have a skin fetish that requires vast amounts of zoom, there, that’s for you too. Because I don’t see any macro photographers shelling out US$1,590 to use their iPhone in insect photography.