As you might have read we weren’t huge fans of Grace Digital Allegro WiFi Internet radio.  Let’s just hope they read our review and made the appropriate, or should we say suggested changes to their next table top system, the Wi-Fi Bookshelf Music System.

They’re laying claim to the “world’s first Internet radio system to incorporate two bookshelf speakers and 802.11n connectivity”, which very well might be true…in a turn key solution, but the tech is obviously just a rehashing of already existing components in their lineup.

Included with the micro-system are two large bookshelf speakers featuring 3.5” full range drivers, 1” tweeters, and a 16 watt RMS Class D digital amplifier.  You’ll be able to access a crap load of programming (17,000 radio stations, 20,000 plus on-demand programs, and over 35,000 podcasts) as well as the hottest personalized radio stations and your iTunes library (if you can get it to work).  A USB port facilitates your MP3 player of choice, which will no doubt be an iPod of some sort, while RCA outputs and inputs in addition to a headphone jack have you covered on all other audio fronts.

You can snag the Wi-Fi Bookshelf Music System from Grace Digital at Amazon for $249.99.

*Stay tuned – we’re giving away one of these starting next week to one lucky person.*


Christen Costa

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