App Store To Hit 10 Billion Mark Today, Winner Gets $10k, Countdown Off

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11 Comments to App Store To Hit 10 Billion Mark Today, Winner Gets $10k, Countdown Off

  1. Unfortunately the counter isn't directly tied to the amount of downloads, if you switch off your internet the counter keeps going.

  2. Another revised estimate: 6:15 am (New York times) to 10:45 am Sat. Based on: 9,992,590,000 at 10:30 pm today, 10,000 to 16,000 downloads per min. There were a few typos in the last estimate, but the estimate was good.

  3. Revised estimate: 5:30 am (new york times) to 3:30 pm sat. Based on: 9981762000 at 5:30 pm today, 14,000 to 25,000 downloads per min.

  4. By my calcs., for the last week there have been between 12,000 to 40,000 per min. My guess is that as we get close to 10 billion the amount will increase exponentially. I also saw a drop over the last hour or so and guesstimate the 10 billion near midnight EST. Do I get 25 more guess at 12:01 EST or every 24 hours?

    • The way I read the contest rules, it's 25/day, which legally means once the day ends Cupertino time (aka 12am PST), you get 25 more.

      That said, I do expect the count to pick up around 3pm pst significantly, which is why I expect it to reach 10 bil around 5. But it really depends on how accurate the clock Apple's showing is.

      • Thanks. So you expect it around 5 pm PST. I show 9,981,762,000 at 11:30 PST and at 15,000 to 30,000 per min I calculate 9:30 pm today to 7:30 am sun (pst).

        • Yeah, I'm thinking now 5pm is way too early. You should take into consideration that people in Europe will be downloading apps all night tonight (or early morning for them), which is why I think it'll end today. But I do think it'll be around 11pm PST now…assuming the time is right on Apple now. It's showing 9,982,— now.

          • I calculated about 50,000 apps every 180 seconds (278 Apps/second) and that number remained constant throughout the night. As we reached the 10 Billionth App, the counter neither sped up nor slowed down and I am therefore led to believe this counter is NOT THE actual counter; but a sample or estimate of the actual downloads. My strategy was to visit the iTunes store “Our Favorites” under the Free section and click as many Free Apps that I could until the odometer ran out! Good luck everyone and good night!!!

    • This also assumes that the counter on the Apple front page is tied directly to the real number of downloads and not just some random counter they have going. Here's hoping!

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