The FM Transmitter + Car Charger from AutoCon retails for $45 and is as stylish an iPod, iPhone and iPad compatible device as they come. That’s on the plus side. But from there on, it’s all a bunch of semi-negatives, starting with the multi-touch display, which is indeed a touchscreen, but not one with true multi-touch functionality.

The Car Charger function has similar problems. It can’t recharge your Apple device at the same time as it fulfills its FM transmitter role because there is no actual Dock Connector. The device powers either itself or another device – for both to be powered simultaneously you have to have an Apple USB charging cable that you connect to the AutoCon.

Other than these slightly missed specs, the AutoCon comes with a 3.5mm Aux Cable, and for getting music from a device into the car radio, it uses rapid auto scan technology. You have full control over play/pause, volume, track and skip functions, and the AutoCon’s screen displays song data. Handsfree wireless for answering calls from behind a wheel is also part of the feature set.