The Beat speaker system from Danish audio company Libratone is understated and soft in its looks that it barely registers as something technical. Rather, it tends to fit into any space and feels “at home”. No particular function needed, just – at home.

And it’s no wonder, with its satin chrome handle and cashmere wool finish. On the technical side, it connects to your media devices (Apple + anything else, as usual) or computer and provides 360 degree sound.

It’s a technology called FullRoom which Libratone claims bounces sound off walls and other surfaces letting the sound waves return and wash over the listener, who alway finds himself in the sweet spot. The company claims this technology is usually restricted to studio use.

If their claims do hold true, that means high quality sound in a small, hassle-free package that blends into any room. The Beat has a wireless transmitter that works with your iPod, iPhone and iPad from 32 feet away, and a USB transmitter for both Mac and Pc that sees that wireless distance extended to 98n feet. Audio output is 50W and 2 x 25W from the midrange and ribbon tweeters.

The system will sell in high-end European stores starting October, and will find its way stateside in January at a price of $655.