iPhone 4 GelaSkins Review

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GelaSkins iPhone 4 - 08
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4 Comments to iPhone 4 GelaSkins Review

  1. Crews, overseen by the Santa Rosa-based Masters Touch general
    contractors, are now applying the finish work, fixtures and finery that
    will turn the McDonald Mansion into a completed show-stopper by
    Christmas. Stacks of wood trim, piled neatly and meticulously marked,
    fill various rooms, covering up the new white oak floors, some inlaid with walnut designs.

  2. Not sure what the problem you were having with the Wallpapers by GelaSkins App was, but it seems to work fine for me. That image showed up right away when I searched for Los. We'd be interested in hearing what your issue was (contactATgelaskins.com) so we can fix it if there is in fact a problem with the App. Are you sure that you downloaded the right App? Thanks for the review! GS

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