GelaSkins iPhone 4 - 08


The first tine I enjoyed the word skins was when Cuba Gooding Jr. said it in “Boyz in da Hood”.  Since then, the word skins has been at the forefront of innuendos across the globe. Well, at least for those of us that use slang.  At any rate, skins have donned a new meaning once the personalized cell phone scene became mainstream.  GelaSkins has been around for a while and I recently got the opportunity to review the iPhone 4 edition.

GelaSkins iPhone 4 - 10

Using 5 separate pieces, the GelaSkin adhesive easily adheres to the contours of the iPhone 4 with almost no room to spare.  Readjusting the adhesive is relatively painless and reacted well against even the smallest of fingernails.  On the iPhone 4 you can feels the edges a bit more with GelaSkins attached but it’s nothing you can’t get used to.  As far as protection is concerned, you’re really only going to get the most basic scratch security with GelaSkins.  All the pieces stay on really well and don’t peel off whatsoever.  Except when you want them to of course.

GelaSkins iPhone 4 - 05

Each piece peels off super smooth and leaves virtually no residue behind.  I had a really streamlined experience with the iPhone 4 GelaSkins and would recommend it to anyone looking to personalize their phone withs some custom skins.  What didn’t really work was the GelaSkins companion App that is supposed to give you matching wall paper.  It didn’t work at all for my skin entitled “Los Angeles” from artist eBoy.  The matching wallpaper was neither featured or searchable, which was pretty disappointing but oh well, maybe they’ll fix it by the time this review goes live.

GelaSkins iPhone 4 - 09

All in all, GelaSkins is cooler for style than for protection but I’m sure you already have figured that out.  I’m wondering if it would be a better product if there was some “Docking Strip” for the skins when not in use?  For $15, the GelaSkins for the iPhone 4 should last you quite some time.  Right now I have mine hanging up on a cabinet until I want to outfit my phone next.


  • Super Easy Application
  • Attractive Aesthetic
  • No Residue Upon Removal


  • Protects Only Basic Scratches
  • Companion App Is Weak

Buy GelaSkins for the iPhone 4 here for $15!

Jeff B