Ballistic HC - 4


Talk about a beast!  This case has got to be the most heavy duty accessory I’ve ever seen for any cell phone ever.  Featuring 3 separate pieces, this case has you covered when you might need it most. Suitable for such scenarios such as Iraq or the construction site, the Ballistic HC will totally transform your iPhone 4 into a raw, ruff, and rugged telecommunications device.  The first layer is a tough as nails case that is very tight and snug thanks to the various rubberized adhesives.  It felt pretty slim and looks kind of like a post apocalyptic American Gladiator outfit.  After that is the more floppy “take it or leave it’ outer case that provides another layer of protection and a considerable amount of bulk.  That’s what you immediately notice about this case is that the whole gleam and beautiful aesthetic of the iPhone 4 quickly disappears when you use the Ballistic HC.  Saying that is to be expected, though, as this case is designed with that in mind.

Ballistic HC - 3

From there is the hip clip, which is the final layer of heavy duty coverage.  The clip swivels 180 degrees and is built with absolute solid construction.  The only problem with the clip is that you can’t have the phone facing screen outward.  The only way the clip accepts the case if it is facing the screen towards the clip, making using the phone impossible.  In today’s need to check your cell phone every minute lifestyle, this is a major design flaw.  I can see what they were thinking in terms of security, but not giving the option is just plain weak.

Ballistic HC - 2

The touch resistance through the plastic cover is decent with low latency but you will notice that the lip of the case interferes with texting and typing.  Kind of annoying.  After being accustomed to texting on the iPhone the Ballistic HC will surely throw a glitch into your matrix.  Nothing you can’t get used to for sure, but do you really want to have to?  All the ports on the Ballistic HC are exposed, so any type of water resistance is out of the question.  The overall coverage provided with this case and clip is pretty overwhelming.  No one will even know that it’s an iPhone 4 you’re using until closer examination.  That’s a good and a bad thing for sure.  Part of owning such a beautiful phone is enjoying its sleek aesthetic and ergonomic form factor.  All that disappears when the Ballistic HC is in use.  Granted anyone thinking about this case knows exactly what it does to the weight, look and feel of the phone.

Ballistic HC - 6

All in all, the Ballistic HC is the most beefcake case I could ever imagine for the iPhone 4.  Besides the facing issue when the clip is used and errant text issues, I’d easily recommend this case to anyone owning a iPhone 4 and doing a dirty job.  Probably great for camping, spelunking, or any other extreme outdoor activity, this case is ready for almost anything you can throw at it.


  • Great for extreme conditions
  • Solid build
  • Easy to use


  • Bulky, heavy
  • Typing issues
  • Clip won’t face phone forward

Check out the Ballistic HC website here

Jeff B