Bose, the high end audio company, is making a partial switch from elite headphones to premium video systems. The Bose Video Wave, costing a very self conscious $5,349, is made up of four pieces.  A 46 inch LCD TV with 1080p resolution, a console that takes care of ALL your connectivity needs, the necessary iPod dock and a remote control.

But the selling point of the Video Wave isn’t the video itself, although it is adequate, even good. This being Bose, it’s the audio that impresses, and if you buy this system you likely won’t be needing any extra speakers – the TV itself takes care of the audio brilliantly, in surround sound. Inside the unit there are 16 speakers and six subwoofers, with enough oomph to set your living room ablaze with high quality sound. A technology called PhaseGuide gives sound a directional quality, it seems to come not from the speakers, but from whatever part of the room the speakers are pointing to.

The remote is simplicity itself, with only a few buttons and a touchpad in the center. But it’s a sort of universal remote, the interface on the touchpad changes depending on what you’re pointing it at, and it adapts to whatever you have connected to the console, whether it is a TiVo or an iPod.

Finally, the console provides five high-definition connections, meaning five devices can be connected at once, and it uses Radio Frequency to communicate with the remote instead of line-of-sight infrared, meaning it can be hidden away without losing its functionality. A Video Mute option turns off everything but the audio, turning the Video Wave into an audio system, but remember, this is a $5,349 audio system.