The Financial Times is reporting that Apple is working very closely with the 4 major labels on a project code named ‘Cocktail’.

Despite the fact that Apple has long had a tumultuous relationship with the record labels, it would appear, according to rumor and sources close to the project, that they’re now working together to stimulate digital music sales by bundling music with a new interactive booklet that includes liner notes, music videos, album art and other media.

Project ‘Cocktail’ would purportedly launch this September, which might coincide with the launch of Apple’s long rumor tablet computer, an 8-13-inch touchscreen only device.  If so, project ‘Cocktail’s’ content would be a perfect fit and perhaps in this writer’s opinion emerge the user in an even deeper experience.   Although, Apple’s touchscreen device probably wouldn’t change how people purchase music today, it would certainly be a great marketing ploy to promote this newly fangled music project.


Christen Costa

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