Mophie Juice Packs are functional battery extenders.  The problem is that the current batch of Juice Packs turn your iPhone into a clunky beast capable of blunt force trauma.  Cool if you left your stun gun at home during an aggravated assault, but not so much when you’re trying to get your galavant on.  Due out this spring for $80, the new Mophie Juice Pack Air is so sexy slim, you have no hesitations making it a daily accessory.  This will be a hot product, giving Mophie some broader exposure, cuz nobody sees mine.  Packing impressive stats such as:  270 hours on standby, 4.5 hours of talk time, 4.5 hours web surfing / emailing on 3G, and 5.4 using WiFi.  I just hope that Mophie reinstates the original iPhone charging input instead of the USB style.  Maybe we’ll get lucky and they’ll do both.  You can’t tell with this pic.


Jeff B