iPod Touch
Announced today is the iPod Touch. Some things you should know.

- It will come in two sizes: 8GB and 16GB – $299, and $399 respectively.
- It will have a WiFi
- You’ll be able to download songs via the iTunes WiFi Music Store and it will sync with your iTunes (available in 22 countries where iTunes currently is)
- Starbucks did a deal. When you are there, have your iPod touch and hear some music playing your iPod Touch will display it and you can buy it (genius)
- It will have Safari browser and the YouTube integration
- 22 hours of audio, 5 hours of 5 video playback (battery life)
- 8mm thinner then the iPhone
- Release data should be sometime soon (think Q4 Holiday Season – Late October)

Available here for preorder.

Update: The store is back up and the iPod Touch will ship 9/28/07

Update 2: I’d also like to point out that Apple has fixed that stupidly annoying recessed headphone jack originally found on Rev 1 iPhone. If you recall, you need a special attachment to use some aftermarket headphones. Just another reason to hold off until Rev 2 of the iPhone – plus the 3g speediness and hopefully GPS. They’ve also moved the headphone jack to the bottom of the unit. Check out the pics below.

iPod Touch Headphone Jack 1iPod Touch Headphone Jack 2iPod Touch Headphone Jack 3

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