NEC Wireless Projector

NEC’s newest wireless projector can produce a quality image standing anywhere from 2.5 – 68.5 feet from the screen. Two versions exist: NP1000 and NP2000. The NP2000 can produce about 500 more ANSI lumens then the NP1000, bring total lumens to 4000. In order to place the projector at varying distances and produce either a TV or movie theater sized image, a variety of bayonet like lenses are needed (rumored to be 30? to 500? in size, but we don’t know how big a 500? lens is). The wireless portion of the projector allows you to place the associated PC anywhere within a reasonable distance of the projector to transmit data. Embedded encryption protects the projector from being hacked and displaying unwanted content. No word on price but expect the NEC projectors to hit sometime in May of this year.

NEC NP1000 and NP2000 wireless projectors [Ubergizmo]

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