Apple introduced the new Mac Mini today featuring both a single and dual Intel chip versions, but its body virtually unchanged. Other notable features are Gigabit Ethernet, 4 USB 2.0 ports, analog and SPDIF audio outputs, Dolby Digital 5.1 audio out, Bluetooth 2.0, Front Row with Apple Remotes (of course), and that it can be easily connected to your television. As suspected for months, Apple has finally crafted, or perhaps in this case included some software, to market this as a Media Center for the living room.

Single Core Specs: 1.5Ghz processor speed, 512MB of RAM, a 667MHz bus, and a 60GB SATA hard drive and “Combo” DVD-ROM/CD-RW all for $599 and available starting today.

Dual Core Specs: The 1.67GHz Core Duo-based model features an 80GB SATA internal hard disk and 8x “SuperDrive” that can burn DVDs as well as CD-Rs, for $799 and available today.

Update: Available now at Apple Store

We’ll have an Apple store link up when available with pics.

Via MacRumors

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