Sennheiser Presence-UC Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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Taking calls will become ever so easier thanks to the Sennheiser Presence UC with it’s compact and simultaneously capable earpiece. It comes with Bluetooth 4.0 support with a range of upto 80 feet making it easy for you to receive calls with the on board button, without ever reaching for your phone. For another high quality bluetooth headset, take a look at our Plantronics Marque M155 review too. And with a fairly comfortable feel to the earpieces and a clear audio quality, the Sennheiser Presence UC is among one of the best bluetooth headsets out there. If you want another piece of high quality tech for your phone, take a look at our review of the ThePhoneCoat.

Why We Like It – Sennheiser Presence UC

Have you been looking for a comfortable, capable and simultaneously affordable headset for making your business call much more easier and convenient to receive? Well, the Sennheiser Presence comes with almost everything you can ask for in a bluetooth headset ranging from a multifunction button, great connectivity, active noise cancelling and amazing mic quality. All of that as well as a comfortable fit and a pretty long battery life, gives you the best bluetooth headset experience you can ask for at a great price range.

  • Great mic with good voice pickup
  • Active Noise cancellation feature
  • Long battery life
  • Noise cancellation can be glitchy in certain scenarios


Starting off with a Bluetooth 4.0 support, the Sennheiser Presence-UC provides you with a range of upto 80 feet which is already better than what the Plantronics Voyager offers, and along with the multifunction button on it, it allows you to talk freely without reaching for your phone every time you have to receive a call. You also get a USB dongle with the Presence UC which you can connect to your laptop or other device for easier connection with multiple devices, upto 8 at a time. You can also check out our Plantronics Voyager review, which works perfectly got business people and truck drivers too.

Moving onto the audio quality offered by the Sennheiser Presence UC, you get a dynamic neodymium magnetic driver which delivers a pretty great sound quality in the frequency range of about 100Hz to 15000Hz. This makes for an easy to understand voice overcalls for you, while the digital MEMS microphone picks up your voice clearly with the three mic digital array technology, only picking up sounds in the frequency range of 150Hz to 6.8kHz which is where our voice mainly falls. Moreover, with the Own Voice Technology as well as the Wind Safe Technology, both of which basically refer to cancelling out the background noise while detecting every different situation respectively, the person on the other side will hear you perfectly well. And so, despite not being a long boom arm mic and even smaller than that of the ICOMTOFIT Bluetooth Headset, the Sennheiser Presence UC still provides a clear voice quality over to the other side during calls.

However, that noise cancelling itself is what brings out the drawback of the Presence UC, which is that users have reported their own voices cutting off at the other side due to the noise cancelling. This mostly happens when you’re in a very quiet environment and there is no background noise for the Sennheiser to cancel out. And so, if you’re someone who is frequently in very crowded or noisy environments, the Sennheiser Presence UC might be a good pick for you, as for others who spend a lot of quiet time, not so much.

There are a few extra benefits or rather features provided with the Sennheiser Presence UC starting with the muting of any other audio that may be playing on your device when someone calls you. Do keep in mind though that it is a mute and not a pause function, meaning your audio or video on the device will keep on playing. Apart from that, you also have the multi function button that allows you to redial the last number in your log while also making it possible for you to dial via voice or transfer the audio from your mobile device to the headset, aside from answering and ending calls. You even get a pretty sleek ‘on’ mechanism which is that the earpiece turns on when you pull the mic arm out rather than on the press of a button.

Finally, for the battery life the Sennheiser Presence UC provides you with upto 10 hours of talk time and 14 days of standby time connected to your mobile device, which on a single charge is quite a lot even compared to the Apple Airpods. But without any portable charging case the battery life isn’t the best fit for long journey’s where you can’t plug in. However, when you do charge, it takes only 30 minutes to charge the headset upto 50% which is pretty great even at this price range.


Weighing in about half a pounce and coming in a black and silver design that is both compact and sleek, the Sennheiser Presence UC provides you with a pretty aesthetic design. It comes with three different ear tips each of which come with a nozzle end to fix comfortably against your ear. You can also get an ear tip without a nozzle or rather a fin and it can be worn on either ear comfortably. And with the mic arm reaching out just slightly rather than all the way to your mouth, it doesn’t stand out much whether you’re on the road or in a meeting which is a considerably good thing for many people. For avid gamers, check out the Xbox 360 Wireless Headset With Bluetooth review.

Apart from that, you also get a hardshell case, a small micro USB charging cable as well as a car adapter to charge the device in your car. The hardshell case is considerably great to store the device when you’re not using it, but with no charging functionality like the charging case of the Apple Airpods, it’s certainly limited. And while there is the charging port on the back end of the ear piece, you also get a LED status light and two volume buttons on either side of the multifunction button. Thus, with all that and a pretty solid ear arm that is both sturdy and flexible enough to rotate in any way, or even removed if necessary, the Sennheiser Presence UC makes for a well designed Bluetooth Headset.


Priced at about $90, the Sennheiser Presence UC falls within the middle tier of Bluetooth headsets. Apart from its only drawback which is the cutting off of sound in quiet environments, the Sennheiser Presence UC does indeed live up to its price with both a great performing audio quality and functionality as well a durable and comfortable design, making it one of the best value Bluetooth headsets you can get yourself right now.

Sennheiser Presence UC Wrap Up

While it may not have dual earpieces like the Apple Airpods or be the most affordable bluetooth headset out there, the Sennheiser Presence UC comes with it’s own set of great features ranging from the capable but not widely suitable noise cancelling to the comfortable fit on either ear. You get a long battery life as well as a great audio quality and so paired with the pretty great price, the Sennheiser Presence UC may just make it as one of the best bluetooth headsets you can get right now.