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How to Fix a Butt Dent in a Leather Office Chair

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Leather is one of the best fabrics for chairs. It is durable, easy to maintain, and keeps a regal appearance even when gently worn, contributing to its appeal.


  • Leather office chairs can develop dents due to poor care, exposure to sunlight, or when used improperly.
  • Fixing the dent in a leather office chair should take no more than 20 minutes, more or less based on size. It is an easier process than you may think.
  • An iron should only be used at the lowest possible setting and should never be applied directly to the dent.

Dents in leather office chairs could be due to a variety of reasons, such as leaving a large and heavy object on top of it, extended sitting, or all-around poor maintenance. Luckily, dents in your favorite office chair are not permanent and can be reasonably addressed in 20 minutes or less using nothing but a terry towel/microfiber cloth and an iron at the lowest heat setting.

Tools Needed: Iron, terry towel, or microfiber cloth

How to Fix Leather Office Chair Dents

Office chairs get spoiled in various ways and you will not always have to fix an office chair back. They can also get butt dents. Here are steps you can take to fix the dent in leather office chairs, with a focus on stretching and sagging. But before you start removing the dent, now would be a good time to clean your office chair.

STEP 1Prepare Towel

Place the towel over the affected area. White towels should be used for lighter color leather (e.g. cream and red) whereas darker towels work better on darker colors such as black and brown.

STEP 2 Turn the Iron On and Apply

Turn the iron on to its lowest possible setting. Apply the iron backward and forwards and in circular motions, evenly distributing the heat. Make sure you do not apply direct heat to any one area for an extended period.

STEP 3 Manipulate the Area

Remove the iron. Expect a little bit of moisture build-up. Gently manipulate the leather using pinched fingers until the indentation is removed.

This extensive process allows your leather’s brittle fibers to stretch out, which helps ease up any creases or indentations. Each dent should be treated on its own, so apply the tip of your iron accordingly in crowded areas. If your office chair is having cracks then there is a better way to fix cracked leather on office chairs.

Note that the type of leather matters as well. Faux leather is more responsive to heat, so heat transfer should be minimal. Real leather can handle more heat and is tougher and thicker.

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How do you get dents out of leather furniture?

Removing dents out of leather furniture requires an extensive process of applying light heat to the affected area to smoothen out the edges eventually. This procedure takes only a microfiber cloth and iron at the lowest heat setting.

Do all leather sofas wrinkle?

Yes, leather sofas are prone to wrinkling over time thanks to their elastic properties, which stretch and sag with heavy wear and tear. Excessive exposure to heat and a poor care schedule could also make it wrinkle much sooner. It is important to regularly treat leather with conditioning products for it to last as long as possible.

Can you get creases out of leather seats?

Yes, creases can be removed from leather seats by using a towel, hairdryer, or iron at the lowest setting. Any higher and you may permanently distort leather. Never apply an iron directly to the affected area.

STAT: Leather is overlooked for its heat properties but can withstand 200°F before charring. (source)

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