Gadget Review: Booq BOA 3L Laptop Backpack

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Booq makes some of the best laptop bags. Finding a quality back pack that is laptop friendly is liking searching for a needle in a haystack. It’s not that the bags don’t exist, it’s just that 90% of them are crap, which is very much analogous to my hunt for a quality sleeve for my Macbook Pro. So once again I found myself perusing Booq Bags’ website and taking in all the wonderful products they had to offer.

What I ended up with is the perfect compliment to the Vyper M2 laptop sleeve, the BOA 3L. Finished in all black with orange accents and array of pockets, the BOA 3L is not for the coffee shop dweller. It’s filled with an endless, but useful array of pockets for just about any gadget, utensil or laptop you can think of. It’s specifically designed to hold laptops from 15″ to 17″ in size and then some since its built to holster the Vyper M2 sleeve.

The BOA 3L is equipped with a total of 6 pockets. The two side pockets are probably best suited for water bottlesor items that require quick access, while one of them contains an eye slit or headphone pass through for the MP3 player of choice. The front pocket contains numerous smaller slots for credit card sized items and two pens. There is also a recovery tag sewn in that in the event the bag is lost and found by an honest citizen it can be safely returned, although I question whether or not its contents will still be intact. The middle pocket is built for larger items and offers magnet locking flaps which makes the whole process of packing and unpacking all the more fiddle free. The final pocket, the one placed directly against your back is designed specifically for the laptop and contains two pads to adjust for a 15 or 17-inch laptop. Of note, dispersed throughout the bag’s pockets are a few quick release key chain devices, which eliminate the digging process for a pair of keys or perhaps even an MP3 player.

Booq has gone to great lengths to build a solid and water resistant bag. And during that process they haven’t lost site of the comfort aspect. The two main shoulder straps appropriately distribute the bag’s weight, while the waist straps include padding in the hip area insuring a rope burn free experience in the event of long term use. There’s also a chest strap which assists in additional weight distribution and of note each shoulder strap contains a small pocket suited for an iPod Nano or a comparably sized MP3 player. It’s just too bad they didn’t provide a headphone pass through in these pockets.

Aesthetically the BOA 3L is an attractive bag. It’s crafted of Ballistic Nylon, which gives it a nice rugged finish. Wearing the bag, though, might not be some people’s cup of tea since by design its bit large in size and might over whelm those of a smaller frame.

This might sound odd, but I spent some time running my fingers over the seams of the bag. With most backpack your bound to find a fray or a slight imperfection. Not so with the BO3 3L. It’s as tight as a drum.

So much like the Vyper M2 sleeve, Booq has built an outstandingly solid backpack. But as mentioned, it’s best suited for a larger framed person who requires a vast assortment of gadgetry, cords and trinkets while on the go.


  • Super solid construction
  • Magnetic locking flaps
  • Water resistant
  • Return tag if lost


  • Large in size, not for the small framed or casual backpacker
  • Expensive

You can buy it here for $195

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  1. I agree that most out there are crap and appreciate your review. I especially like all the pictures. As I just mentioned to a colleague, I ended my search with this ergonomic-friendly messenger bag. I may check out the booq backpack if this one every dies, but the quality is so amazing that I’m not sure that will ever happen. You should review one!

    Thanks again for all the pictures and for the reivew

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