Best Corsair Gaming Headsets in 2023

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Products Updated January 24, 2023
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Before you search for the best Corsair gaming headset, note that the best gaming headsets on the market today have first-class sonic immersion, a comfortable build, and an omnidirectional microphone for clear communication between team members. When you buy a Corsair headset, you’re not just getting these features but so much more.

Corsair, a company that once focused exclusively on hardware, ventured into the gaming sphere to become one of the most loved gaming brands. Its headsets are used worldwide by gamers who want to add depth to their gaming experience. They have an excellent wireless range, a dynamic soundstage, and an adjustable headband that sits comfortably on your head.

Keep reading our buying guide to learn everything about Corsair gaming headsets and what they have to offer for an authentic gaming experience.

Top Corsair Gaming Headsets

 #1  Corsair Void RGB Elite Wireless Gaming Headset


WHY WE LIKE IT: This cordless headset has large ear cups with memory foam earpads, which provide comfort. It has outstanding 50 mm drivers, with 3D audio, delivering an immersive gaming experience.

  • Exceptional 50 mm drivers
  • 7.1 surround sound
  • Flip-up mute with LED indicator
  • Too big for smaller individuals

The Corsair Void RGB Elite Wireless gaming headset has a distinctive, aggressive design that catches attention. This headset boasts 7.1 surround sound, helping users to identify the direction of in-game activities. This headset delivers thunderous audio thanks to its oversized 50 mm neodymium drivers. It has an impressive frequency ranging from 20Hz to 30kHz, delivering sharp, high notes and soft lows. Featuring aluminum parts, this device is built to last. However, this headset may be too big for smaller individuals.

This Corsair Void RGB Elite Wireless gaming headset has extra-large ear cups with plush memory foam ear pads built for comfort. A breathable microfiber mesh fabric on this set facilitates airflow. This wireless device has built-in low-latency 2.4GHz RF tech, offering cable-free connectivity. It comes with a USB adapter for flexibility. We like the integrated omnidirectional microphone on this model for its incredible sensitivity. The headset is equipped with a flip-up mute function with an LED indicator.

 #2  Corsair HS45 Gaming Headset


WHY WE LIKE IT: This headset has a high-quality 50mm driver that delivers great bass and good decent high notes. Thanks to an included adapter, this device supports multi-channel audio.

  • Intuitive on-ear controls
  • 7.1 surround sound USB adapter
  • Detachable mic
  • Cable is short for some users

The Corsair HS45 gaming headset uses a custom-tuned 50mm neodymium driver to deliver solid sounds. This device comes with a USB adapter that enables 7.1 surround sound for a three-dimension listening experience. Featuring a flexible omnidirectional microphone, this device facilitates flawless in-game communication. The microphone is detachable to facilitate using this headset on the go. This headset has adjustable ear cups with memory foam cushions, providing comfort. However, the cable is a bit short for some users.

This Corsair HS45 gaming headset has on-ear volume and mute controls for convenient operation. It connects seamlessly with computers and various consoles. The headset features premium materials built to last. It’s Discord-certified for clear in-game chatting. This Corsair headset works with the iCUE software to let users change settings easily. This device is available in a variety of premium colors to add elegance to the gaming room or home theater.

 #3  Corsair HS60 Pro Gaming Headset


WHY WE LIKE IT: This device has adjustable ear cups with memory foam cushions, providing a comfortable listening experience. With a detachable noise-canceling mic, this device facilitates crystal-clear in-game communication.

  • Crystal-clear noise-canceling mic
  • Adjustable memory-foam-fitted ear cups
  • On-ear controls
  • Ear cups are small for some people

This Corsair HS60 Pro gaming headset features a stylish design that will appeal to gaming enthusiasts. The device comes with custom-tuned neodymium audio drivers, which deliver deep bass and sharp, high notes. It has adjustable ear cups fitted with plush memory foam, keeping users comfortable during long gaming sessions. This headset delivers 7.1 surround sound when connected to a PC, providing an immersive 3D listening experience. It also provides haptic feedback. However, The ear cups are a tad too small for some people.

The Corsair HS60 Pro gaming headset has a powerful, bendable unidirectional microphone that captures sound. The mic features noise-canceling tech, so it facilitates clear communication even when the user is in a noisy place. This mic is detachable, so users can remove it when going out for a walk. With multi-platform support, this Corsair headset is the device of choice for PCs and video game consoles. Users who want to adjust equalizer settings can use the iCUE software with this device.

 #4  Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless SE Gaming Headset


WHY WE LIKE IT: This device supports a wide range of connectivity options, including cordless RF, USB, and 3.5mm. It has a lightweight machined aluminum build with plush ear cushions, providing lasting comfort and durability.

  • Outstanding aluminum build
  • Supports wireless, USB, and 3.5mm connections
  • Incredible sound quality
  • Ear cups are a bit shallow for some individuals

Users who prefer a cordless model will be interested in the Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless SE gaming headset. This special edition headset delivers 7.1 surround sound, enabling players to easily locate footsteps and other directional sounds. With thick memory foam cushions, this device is light on the ears and stays comfortable during extended gaming sessions. However, the ear cups on this model are a bit shallow for some people.

This Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless SE gaming headset features lightweight materials and a plush headband that’s suitable for hardcore gamers. Featuring machined aluminum construction, this device stands up for daily use. It uses Slipstream wireless tech to connect to devices ranging from PCs to Nintendo Switch. This device also features USB and 3.5mm interfaces, supporting wired connections. It has precisely tuned 50mmm neodymium drivers, which offer an incredible frequency range from 20Hz to 40kHz

 #5  Corsair HS70 Bluetooth Gaming Headset


WHY WE LIKE IT: This corded headset features Bluetooth tech for streaming audio from a variety of mobile devices. The device has a detachable, noise-canceling microphone that enhances communication during games.

  • Premium aluminum construction
  • Bluetooth audio streaming
  • Detachable noise-canceling mic
  • Not wireless
  • Mic is not very ergonomic

Gaming enthusiasts who regularly stream audio with mobile devices will be pleased with the features of the Corsair HS70 Bluetooth headset. This wired headset connects to a whole range of devices via a 3.5mm cable. The headset can also simultaneously connect to Bluetooth audio on a mobile device. This headset has a high-fidelity 24-bit USB interface, offering high-speed signal transfer. The unidirectional mic on this model is detachable, although it cannot be adjusted out of the user’s view.

This Corsair HS70 Bluetooth headset features custom-tuned 50mm neodymium drivers that deliver a memorable auditory experience during gaming and music playback. We like the adjustable ear cups on this model that enable customization. Equipped with memory foam ear cup cushions, this device is quite comfortable. The mic has noise-canceling tech, drowning out background noise. This device is compatible with Windows Sonic Surround Sound, delivering an immersive 360-degree listening experience. The device features lightweight aluminum construction for durability.

 #6  Corsair Void Pro RGB Wireless Gaming Headset


WHY WE LIKE IT: The headset has a lightweight design with wide ear cups and an oversized headband, providing a comfortable listening experience. This cordless model connects via a USB receiver and features a range of up to 40 feet.

  • Extremely comfortable, lightweight design
  • Long-range wireless connectivity
  • RGB lighting with on/off switch
  • The band is too big for some people

The Corsair Void Pro RGB Wireless gaming headset features a microfiber mesh fabric and memory foam ear cup cushion, which provide comfort. This device has a USB Type-A connector, which offers compatibility with various devices, including PCs. It has a high-frequency microphone that captures in-game commands with outstanding clarity. This microphone has the noise-canceling tech to enhance clarity in high-noise settings. However, the band on this headset may be too large for some people, even at the tightest setting.

This Corsair Void Pro RGB Wireless gaming headset features custom-tuned 50mm, neodymium drivers, delivering refined sound with deep bass. This wireless headset has a great range of up to 40 feet. With a runtime of up to 16 hours, this headset allows users to confidently embark on lengthy gaming sessions. The headset has a charging status indicator to alert users about the battery status. It has exquisite RGB lights, and we like the fact that they can be turned off.

Introduction to Corsair Gaming Headsets

Headquartered in Fremont, California, USA, Corsair is a global leader and manufacturer of high-quality, sophisticated gear and ultra-efficient power supplies for gamers, content creators, and PC enthusiasts. Andy Paul, Don Lieberman, and John Beekley founded the company back in 1994 and originally developed cache modules, quickly followed by DRAM modules for overclockers.

Corsair has since extended its line of products to headsets, keyboards, mice, chairs, and more. Within two years of launching its gaming branch, it has become the third most popular PC gaming peripherals brand worldwide without losing an ounce of credibility in its original computer component manufacturing expertise. It put the same engineering prowess required for PC building towards keyboards, mice, and headsets.

These headsets tick the boxes on all fronts for a superb gaming experience. You get the total package of superior comfort, rich sound quality, and a broadcast-grade microphone across a wide price range. This way, every gamer, casual or professional, can experience gaming at its full capacity.

While Corsair is a huge name in the PC community, many other brands have amazing headsets. For a look at them, check out our lists of the best SteelSeries gaming headsets and the greatest JBL gaming headset.

How Corsair Gaming Headsets Compare to Other Brands

(Pro1) Corsair offers superior comfort: Like the Astro A50 and Logitech G Pro X, Corsair gaming headsets have soft and breathable earcups that are shaped to fit your ears for maximum comfort. They also have a lightweight aluminum construction and an adjustable headband that minimizes the head’s pressure. Check out our Corsair Vengeance 2000 wireless 7.1 gaming headset review.

(Con1) Continuous beeping sound when out of range: While the range on Corsair’s wireless headsets is excellent, customers complain of hearing a continuous beeping sound every time they wander away from the PC till they’re back in range. But, they’re still in the running for the top-rated wireless gaming headset.

(Pro 2) Overall balanced sound: When set side by side, Corsair gaming headsets sound significantly more balanced than Razer and HyperX headsets. Moreover, they are loud, block out ambient noise, and have superb surround audio quality in wireless and wired modes, just like the best CSGO headset.

(Con 2) Headband size isn’t ideal for large heads: Even after fully extending the headband, gamers with larger heads may experience discomfort at the bottom of their ears, which could be a nuisance while gaming for extended durations. These headphones aren’t versatile for a wide range of head sizes. So, they may make great gaming headsets for kids.

(Pro 3) Excellent wireless capabilities: A major appeal of these headsets is that most Corsair models give you incredible wireless connectivity, unlike the best Bose gaming headset. This way, you’ll face less restriction as those pesky wires won’t get in the way of your gaming. The headsets come with a Slipstream wireless dongle to minimize latency and offer up to 20 hours of battery life.

(Con 3) iCue must constantly be running in the background: iCue is Corsair’s interface on which you can connect all your Corsair equipment. But the headset’s settings (for example, switching between the equalizer settings) only work if Corsair iCue is running in the background. So, if you want to know how to use a gaming headset with Realtek audio manager, we have a guide just for you.

Why You Should Buy Corsair Gaming Headsets

When you invest in a good pair of headphones, remember that it’s going to stick around for quite a few years. Moreover, since every gaming headset is a highly personalized gadget, it becomes crucial that it suits your play style. It must deliver great sound quality, maximum comfort, and an appealing design. Corsair gaming headsets pack all of this and much more.

In the sound department, these headsets are so impressive that you can distinctively tell the difference between the engines of two different cars in racing games. The higher-end Corsair headsets boast a 20Hz to 40,000Hz frequency range, almost double the range of most gaming headsets. Plus, the virtual surround sound feature further adds value to the offering.

These headsets offer exceptional comfort to users. They have a premium lightweight construction, an adjustable headband, and soft earpads, allowing you to play for hours. Lastly, for their design, these headsets are equipped with RGB lighting and an outstanding high-bandwidth omnidirectional microphone for clear communication.

If you’d like a comparative look at some gaming headsets, check out our Rog Strix Fusion 500 vs 700 and our True 7.1 vs virtual 7.1 headsets.

How Long Will Corsair Gaming Headsets Last?

The lifespan of any gaming headset ultimately comes down to the quality of materials used and how well you maintain them over the years. Corsair headsets feature excellent sound quality and build quality. You’ll generally find they’re made of premium parts and have a robust build for longer durability. You can expect these headsets to last close to a decade, if not more.

That said, headset care is crucial in extending its lifespan. If you have wired gaming headsets, your cable will likely be 10 feet long, making it susceptible to damage. Ensure you don’t roll over it with the wheels of your chair or expose it to unnecessary tension by knotting it up. You must also change the ear cup and headband cushions over time as they get dirty from continued use. Keep in mind that depending on use, Corsair’s wireless headset’s batteries will need replacement after 2 to 4 years since they degrade over time.

Corsair Gaming Headset Warranties

Corsair guarantees its gaming headsets for two years, within which Corsair will replace them free of charge if they aren’t working according to their technical specifications. The warranty will not cover problems resulting from wear and tear, modifications, unauthorized repairs, or improper voltage supplies. Plus, purchasing the product from an unauthorized seller will void your warranty.

To file a warranty claim, click on “Create a warranty return” on Corsair’s website and fill in all the details. You’ll need the original sales receipt and a picture of the product’s serial number.

Best Corsair Gaming Headset FAQs

Is the Corsair mic good?

Corsair’s mics have superior vocal clarity and a wide dynamic range for clear communication during multiplayer games. The Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless headset also has a fully detachable microphone.

Is Corsair an American company?

Yes, Corsair gaming is an American peripheral and hardware company based out of Fremont, California. Its product line comprises headsets, keyboards, mice, chairs, lighting, streaming decks, and more.

How long do Corsair’s wireless gaming headsets last?

The Corsair Gaming VOID RGB ELITE wireless claims 16 hours of listening time on a single charge.

Are Corsair headsets compatible with Xbox One?

Yes, Corsair headsets are compatible with Xbox One. All you have to do is plug in the 3.5mm jack directly into your Xbox One controller’s headset port.
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