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Updated February 22, 2023

The best insurance will allow you a quick, painless, and reliable way to file a claim. Phones are essential gadgets to protect, and the scope of coverage looks different depending on your insurance plan. Filing an AT&T insurance claim, which is handled through Asurion, a third-party provider, is relatively easy. With AT&T Protect Advantage plans, users log onto the ProTech App to file claims and check for status updates.


  • AT&T partners with Asurion to handle device protection, with all claims filed through the ProTech App.
  • Users must file claims within 60 days of damage, theft, or loss to be eligible, according to AT&T policy.
  • AT&T Protect Advantage offers unlimited claims for manufacturer malfunctions, battery replacement, and screen repair, although deductibles and service fees may apply.

What to Know About Filing an AT&T Insurance Claim

Different insurances and warranties are offered for all types of devices, whether headphone insurance or an air conditioner warranty, and phones are no different. AT&T mobile insurance is partnered with Asurion protection services, a licensed agent who handles contracts and insurance claims on AT&T devices. The AT&T Protect Advantage service costs between $14-$17 a month for a single phone plan or $45/month for a shared plan (which protects four phones).

Insider Tip

When filing a claim, it’s essential to provide the insurance provider with as much detail as possible surrounding the incident, as this helps speed up the time it takes to push the claim through successfully.

Coverage grants users the right to file insurance claims under certain circumstances. First, there is coverage for accidental damages, such as electronic damage from spilling liquid on your phone. The plans also include coverage for theft and loss. And lastly, there is coverage for any out-of-warranty malfunctions.

Policyholders log onto Asurion’s dedicated insurance claim service, the ProTech App, to file a claim. First, they can input their details and phone carrier information to file their claim. After plugging in basic information, users then provide details surrounding the circumstances of the incident.

Then, Asurion evaluates the claim and determines what’s needed to get the phone back to normal, whether replacing a part or issuing a replacement device.

After filing a claim, there will be a deductible; for Asurion holders, the fee will be between $25-$75. From there, the user can monitor their claim to check its status and communicate with the provider to see if any further details are necessary.


Policyholders must file a claim within 60 days of the incident, whether it be theft, loss, or damage, for their claim to be eligible.

Limitations for AT&T Insurance Claims

Anyone with experience filing claims, whether it’s for your car or Apple insurance, knows there are specific guidelines, service limits, and deductibles. Asurion’s AT&T Protect Advantage plans are no different. Below are some of the policy limits:

  • Unlimited claims for manufacturer malfunctions
  • Unlimited claims for battery replacement
  • Unlimited claims for screen repair
  • Three claims every 12 months for theft, loss, and damages, eight for a shared plan
  • Two claims every 12 months for shipping/handling-related damages, six for a shared plan

STAT: AT&T’s Protect Advantage plan rules stipulate that the maximum value for a claim that can be filed is $2,500. (source)

AT&T Insurance Claim FAQs

What types of phones does AT&T Protect Advantage cover?

Asurion covers many leading smartphones, including iPhones, Samsung Galaxy devices, and Google Pixels. First, however, always check to ensure your device and model fall under the Protect Advantage plan eligibility.

How does Asurion assess the deductible cost?

The deductible is determined by the nature of the damage/incident and the model of your phone.

Does AT&T Protect Advantage cover more than phones?

The insurance can also cover laptops, tablets, and watches.
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