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Updated: Nov 21, 2023 2:44 PM
Filing an Asurion Sprint Phone Insurance Claim


It should be noted that Sprint merged with T-Mobile, and the Sprint brand was discontinued on August 2, 2020.

You may be wondering exactly how a Sprint Complete smartphone insurance plan works, especially if you have recently purchased one of the company’s plans. It is easy to file a claim, and they give you multiple options to do so: visit their web portal and follow the prompts, call a customer service agent, or use their app.

Key Takeaways_

  • Sprint Complete is a robust insurance offering provided by Sprint and Asurion.
  • To file a claim for a lost, stolen, or damaged smartphone, head to phoneclaim.com.
  • Sprint Complete features a dedicated app that allows consumers to speak to repair technicians and complete device optimization procedures.

Filing a Sprint Phone Insurance Claim

Sprint Complete is an insurance service offered as a joint effort between mobile carrier Sprint and insurance provider Asurion.

To file a claim, simply head to mytmoclaim.com and follow the prompts. You can also file a claim via the Protection<360> app or on the T-Mobile website by speaking to a live customer service agent.

If you want to save time and try to expedite your claim, you can read our article on how to make a successful mobile phone insurance claim.

If you do not have an insurance plan, we’ll tell you how to decide whether to replace or repair your smartphone using a third-party repair service.

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T-Mobile Protection<360> offers coverage related to accidental damage, mechanical failure, and loss or theft.

How Protection<360> Works

Protection<360> works similarly to competing mobile phone insurance plans but does offer some key benefits, which we will outline below. Alternatively, if you have a different provider like AT&T, you can check out our guide on how to file an AT&T insurance claim.

Coverage for Accidental Damage

Protection<360> offers coverage related to accidental damage. This includes damage that has occurred via accidental drop onto a hard surface, such as pavement, or into a body of water.

Protection<360> also allows for coverage due to everyday use, mechanical failure, and damage related to a manufacturing error. Still, plans can vary, so we would advise reading the fine print of your actual contract for concrete details.

If you are wondering if a third-party provider, like SquareTrade, is worth it, they also offer coverage of accidental damage, unlike most warranties.

Additionally, if you want to cover more than just your phone, you may be interested to read what gadget insurance is and if it is worth it.

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Replacing a damaged, lost, or stolen device will have a service fee.

Coverage for Loss and Theft

One of the main reasons consumers purchase smartphone insurance is to allow coverage in the event of sudden theft or loss. Protection<360> will replace a lost or stolen device, though there will be a fee involved.

The cost will vary depending on your individual plan and the type of phone you need to be replaced. As a warning, the replacement smartphone will likely be a refurbished model.

STAT: In a survey, 81 percent of people with a smartphone and young children at home said at least one phone had been lost in the previous two years. (source)

Troubleshooting Issues

Protection<360> offers a robust suite of tools to help consumers troubleshoot potential issues with their mobile phones. The service issues a number of troubleshooting guides and repair guides, but they also allow consumers to speak to a live technician for assistance.

To access a live technical support individual, you can either call their Customer Care line at 1-866-866-6285 or use the Protection<360> app installed on your phone. Open it up and click “Connect with a Tech Expert” to get started.

These technicians could even begin the replacement or repair procedure if necessary. Here’s a helpful guide that offers you Sprint screen repair solutions.


As a warning, a replacement smartphone will likely be a refurbished model.

Device Optimization

The Protection<360> app also features some device optimization services, including software that will scan your emails for malicious files and a tool that works to maximize your device’s battery life. The app can also help consumers set up a new phone when necessary.


When Can I Report a Sprint Phone Insurance Claim?

This depends on your plan, but you can typically report a phone insurance claim when a device has been accidentally damaged, has been lost, or has been stolen.

What does Sprint insurance cover, and how much does it cost?

Sprint offers one insurance option: Sprint Complete. Pricing depends on the device tier and ranges from $9 to $19. Sprint Complete tends to cover manufacturing errors, accidental damage, normal wear and tear, theft, and loss.

Is smartphone insurance worth buying?

This depends on how often you lose your smartphone, as coverage for loss is a key benefit of smartphone insurance.

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