Verizon Phone Insurance Screen Repair Guide

Updated: Feb 13, 2024 5:18 PM
verizon insurance cracked screen guide

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If you have a smartphone and use the Verizon carrier network, you may wonder if you are eligible for a screen repair, particularly if you are enrolled in one of the company’s best cell phone insurance plans that are offered via Asurion. The short answer is yes, you are covered, but there are other important factors to this coverage.

Key Takeaways_

  • Verizon Mobile Protect offers coverage for cracked screen repair.
  • This plan offers unlimited screen repairs at no extra cost.
  • Your insurance may be voided if you have previously taken your phone to an out-of-network service center.

Verizon Phone Insurance Screen Repair Guide

Those enrolled in Verizon Mobile Protect are eligible for a screen repair, though the level of coverage will depend on your particular insurance plan and how the display was cracked.

If you are a Sprint customer, you can check out our article on Sprint screen repair solutions.

Alternatively, if your plan doesn’t cover it or you don’t have insurance, we have you covered there, as well, with our guide on how to fix a cracked phone screen.

Are You Covered?

There are several things to consider when you are trying to figure out if your screen repair costs will be covered by a Verizon insurance plan. In the same way, you’d want to know if your renter’s insurance covers cell phone damage.

Cause of Damage

It is important to know what Verizon Protect and the company’s affiliate insurance plans cover when it comes to smartphone damage.

If you crack your phone’s display by accident or if it was cracked by another person as they attempted to rob you or burgle your home, the repairs should be covered by your insurance plan.

If you throw the phone down on purpose or the damage was otherwise caused due to customer negligence, then the plan may not cover the costs for repair.

Type of Plan

Verizon Mobile Protect plans offer unlimited screen replacements at no cost, but there is a distinction that needs to be made.

Only a cracked front screen is eligible for the free unlimited screen repair. If the back glass of your phone cracks, you will have to pay a fee for repairs.

broken phone with a warning sign

Certain Verizon plans are only available in certain locations. For instance, New York residents are not eligible to enroll in the Verizon Protect program.

As for the family phone insurance or multi-device protection, Verizon offers unlimited and fast screen repair; however, only on select smartphones, subject to the availability of the repair parts.

Quick Fix-it Places

Verizon’s insurance department takes special care to note that any smartphone that is brought into a disreputable repair house will have its insurance and warranty voided.

If you need same-day repairs, we recommend contacting Verizon or Asurion directly and asking for a list of in-house repair service centers. For certain issues, like a replacement phone, the turnaround can be super fast, as quick as the same day if purchased through Verizon.

In other words, avoid unsavory service centers.

Successfully File a Claim

Make sure you file your claim promptly and successfully, taking great care to input factual information. Most Verizon phone insurance claims can be filed via a portal provided by Asurion.

This web portal will help you along as you complete the claiming process. Remember to always be truthful when filing a claim so you don’t have to worry about cell phone insurance fraud.

STAT: 50 percent of smartphone owners have reported at least one major smartphone fiasco during the previous 24 months. (source)

However, if you feel you no longer need or want insurance, you can read about how to cancel your cell phone insurance.

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