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Helio Sells Out To Virgin Mobile

After a long hard battle Helio is finally closing its doors.  Ok, they aren't closing their doors as much as they're being bought by Virgin Mobile (price unknown).  Virgin Mobile and Helio both operate on Sprint's network, othe...
Cell Phones

Blackberry Bold Launch Date Delayed

According to BGR, the Blackberry Bold's launch date will now be delayed until August of this year.  Something to do with software issues with battery life and overheating - no more exploding batteries please. At the end of the ...

American Airlines To Test In Flight WiFi Tomorrow

Starting tomorrow American Airlines will test their in flight WiFi service on a randomly chosen flight from JFK to LAX.  The service, called Gogo will cost folks $13 for flights longer then 3 hours and $10 for anything shorter,...


Sharp 108-inch TV Up For Sale

I want one, I want one (like the nagging little kid).  Sharp is selling their 108-inch TV.  How much you ask?  Just a mere $185,000 (yes, that's 3 zeros)!  Currently, it's being sold in Europe and has a 16 week waiting period. ...

JVC Get’s On Board With Dual iPod Docking Station

JVC announced the NX-PN7, otherwise known as a 'Dual iPod Docking Station'.  For $150 you can dock two iPods and charge them simultaneously.  There's also an AM/FM tuner, a clock and timer and a remote.  You can also plug the J...

3D Capturing Handsets

3D films, images and video games maybe a thing of 'sooner than later' thanks to an Indian company called Infosys.  For now, they've developed and patented a technology that can take 2D images, and through an algorithm, create 3...


Preview Of Apple’s New OS: Snow Leopard (video)

[GR]knYecgPHlPw[/GR] I'll be honest, it's not very exciting, but a glance at Apple's new OS.
b-membrane computer and projector

A Computer With A Built-in Projector

This concept is brought to you by designer Won-Seok Lee.  The 'B-membrane' design is a projector with a built-in computer and touchscreen like keyboard that only appears upon contact.  Also included in the design is a disc driv...

Walking Laptop

This piece of 'kit' (as the English say) isn't super innovative, but perhaps resolves the everyday working man's problem.  The harness, or the 'connect-a-desk laoptop holder' attaches to your laptop and slips over your head all...

Cell Phones

Sony Ericsson C905 Cybershot Ad (video)

[GR]NWuYQw2kl64[/GR] I announced the Sony Ericsson C905 8-megapixel Cybershot phone a few days ago and if the two pics I posted weren't enough, here's an ad. Enjoy!

WiMax Hits The Streets In September

There isn't a ton to tell here, but WiMax, from Sprint, will be available for public use starting September 2008.  Unfortunately, it will only be available in the Baltimore area (why there, I don't know) and hit Washington D.C ...

Chevy Volt Price Announced

Chevy finally got on board with the whole hybrid/electric car thing and built the Chevy Volt (Chevy actually has an all electric golf cart that is road legal on streets 30MPH or slower).  Today, Bob Lutz, Chevy's CEO, revealed ...