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The Huawei Vision S TV is an excellent pick for casual viewers and movie enthusiasts thanks to great sound and dark blacks, but pro-gamers will likely shun it due to its lack of VRR and missing HDMI 2.1 ports.

Product Snapshot


Released in 2020, the Huawei Vision S TV is a high-end 4K UHD display that seamlessly upscales sub-4K content and runs on Huawei’s easy-to-navigate Harmony OS interface.

Its 13MP camera allows for MeeTime Video calls with loved ones and fantastic 1920 x 1080 wide-angle pictures at home.

The TV’s mirror control feature also allows users to control the TV through their Huawei phones, and with a 120 Hz high refresh rate screen, motion remains smooth and fluid for accurate depictions of fast action scenes.

In addition, the TV’s flicker-free technology and low blue light screen help protect sensitive eyes, and with the deep black levels that the TV produces, movie buffs will enjoy watching movies in a dark setting.

Stick around for the rest of this Huawei Vision S review, and see how it compares to some of the best rated TVs around.


our Verdict

Expert testers felt strongly that the Huawei Vision S TV would impress movie watchers and casual viewers. However, its missing HDMI 2.1 ports and lack of Variable Refresh Rate support will likely dissuade pro gamers.

The TV’s poor peak brightness failed to impress reviewers who would like HDR content in full color and vivid brightness, but it’s above-par sound, 120 Hz panel, and dark blacks still make it an excellent pick for casual viewing.

Reason to Buy

  • Decent color reproduction
  • Great upscaling
  • Deep dark blacks
  • Fast response times
  • 13MP camera for MeeTime video calls

Reason to Avoid

  • Poor HDR brightness
  • No Tuners
  • No Variable Refresh Rate support
  • No HDMI 2.1 ports for next-gen consoles

Huawei Vision S Specs

Backlight TypeBacklight TypeFull-Array
Display TypeLED
HDMI Inputs4
HDR FormatHDR10, HLG
LED Panel TypeLED Panel TypeLED
Max Resolution3840 x 2160 (4k)
Refresh Rate120 Hz
Screen size43"
Smart PlatformSmart PlatformYes

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