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NeoCube Magnetic Puzzle Review

If you enjoy playing or manipulating puzzles, you’ll likely enjoy the NeoCube, a unique puzzle that consists of tiny magnetic spheres that allow you to twist, mold, and manipulate them to create interesting geometrical designs....
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Sonim XP1 Cell Phone Smashed With A Hammer

Remember the Sonim XP1, the virtually indestructible cell phone?  To prove its worth, Sonim has built a new promotional site running a live feed of the XP1 undergoing a hammer smashing.  As of writing, the XP1 had endured almos...
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Ford Motors Builds iPhone App For Photos

Ford has gone completely bonkers! Or have they? In an attempt to leverage the iPhone's cool factor, Ford has built an iPhone app that enables users to enhance photos on their handset. Called the Flex Photo Lab, the app is inten...


iKey Builds First Industrial Keyboard That Can Swim Wirelessly

It's pretty few and far between when I'm in need of a washable and wireless keyboard.  But if you work in a hospital where projectile vomit is all to likely, you'll be wanting one of iKey's latest Bluetooth keyboards, the BT-87...
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Toshiba Releases The Ultra Powerful Qosmio X305-Q708 Gaming Laptop

God forbid a hardcore gamer travel outside of their home's walls and have to face competition with less power then their desktop gaming rig.  And hence Toshiba latest gaming laptop, the Qosmio X305-Q708.  Strap in, because this...

MSI GX630 & GT735 Gaming Notebooks Now Available For Purchase

Just in time for the holiday season, MSI's lastest gaming notebooks, the GX630 & GT735, have gone on sale at major online retailers. The GX630 sports a 15.4-inch LCD, 2.2Ghz AMD Turion ZM-82 processor, 4GB of RAM, a 512MB G...

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Motorola’s V70 Becomes The Uber Expensive Aura

It would seem that Motorola forget how badly the original V70 went over - which included a super easy to snap swivel - because they introduced an ultra spruced up version of the handset today.   Officially called the Aura, the ...
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AT&T Intros The Samsung Epix Smartphone With Built-in Optical Mouse

AT&T took the curtain off their Samsung Epix Smartphone today. It's sporting the same optical mouse we saw in the Samsung I7110 yesterday, plus WiFi, GPS, AT&T video share, a 2MP camera, full QWERTY keyboard, and 2.5-in...

Pixel Sofa: Because Ugly Has Always Been Geek

It'll be real alright, it's just not into production, yet.  This sofa comes from the mind of Cristian Zuzunaga and will sell via Moroso. If you stare at it long enough you'll see an image.  I'M KIDDING! (more…)


Asus Rolls Out 4 New LCDs: VK266H, VW266H, VK246H & VW246H

Asus released a new set of LCDs today.  There's nothing to go nutty over, but you'll be glad to hear they've introduced two new 24-inchers (VK246H0 and VW246H) and two 25.5-incher (VK266H and VW266H).  All monitors boast a 20,0...

BMW Set To Introduce Electric Mini: E Mini

The days of electric vehicles are finally upon us.  Come next year BMW plans to put 500 electric Minis on US roads.  The limited production number is a bit annoying, but in such a nascent market it's probably financially warran...
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Iridium Launches 9555 Satellite Phone And Reminds Us Of Handsets From The 90s

It's definitely not pretty, but like your mother and teachers said: don't judge a book by it's cover. The Iridium satellite phone, which I believe is largely owned my Motorola, is your barebones, white knuckle explorer, work an...