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mx6000 universal remote

Universal Remote’s MX-6000 Coming Soon

By: Albert S Universal Remote is set to release their new MX-6000 device that will control just about everything in existence. Specs include a 4.3" LCD screen and 128MB RAM. The cool thing is that it has built in Wi-Fi to conne...

Panasonic Unleashes Massive 103-inch Plasma: TH-103PZ800

One might call the Panasonic TH-103PZ800 the Hummer of Plasma TVs.  I'd like to think of it as a 'movie theater' killer.  Spanning 6 feet high and 7 feet wide, the TH-103PZ800 does full 1080 HD, rocks a 10,000:1 contrast ratio ...

1989 Batmobile Up For Sale

Hard to believe that the first Batman movie was back in 1989 (I'm not including any 60's TV spin off stuff).  Somebody now has it up (1 of 5 that is) for sale on Ebay for a cool $110,000.  Expect to sign some sort of contract w...


iLuv Intros Dual Dock Alarm Clock: iMM173

Talk about an optimal bedside alarm clock!  The iLuv iMM173 features two docks for either 2 iPhones (accepts 3G and Edge) an iPhone and an iPod - you get the idea.  It's totally Apple certified so that should mean no GSM signal...

Amazon To Release Watered Down Kindle To College Students

Let's face it, colleges and the publishers are making a killing selling books to college students.  Plus by the time you get done lugging around 50lbs of paper for 4 year you need back and neck surgery to correct your misaligne...

Canon Intros Retro Portable Printers: Selphy ES3 and ES30

Although both of Canon's latest printers are almost identical, the ES3 takes the big brother label by sporting 1gig of on board memory for storing photos, additional clip art and photo frames and a larger LCD.  They both featur...

Cell Phones

Nokia N96 Release Date (sort of) and Pricing

I love my iPhone, but I wouldn't mind having one of these Nokia N96s to play with (that should read 'send me one Nokia').  Giz has this thing pegged with 16GB of flash storage (this might be 16MB of memory  - oh well), 3G (WCDM...
Cell Phones

iPhone Slip On Game Controller Photos

Now you truly can get your 'game on' on the iPhone with the iControlpad.  The device slips over the iPhone and allows for true arcade interaction.  Neat, but what Apps or Games will work with it? No word on price or availabilit...
LG NAS Device

LG Announces NAS Device With Blu-ray Burner

By: Albert S LG announced what may be the first Network Attached Storage device with a built in Blu-Ray burner. With this handy storage unit you can store all your files via the network and burn a backup on a Blu-Ray disc. It f...


Is This The New iPod Nano?

Is this the new, 4th gen iPod Nano? I don't know, but folks are saying so.  Only time will tell. [Dvice]

Sony LBT-DJ2i Xcross Fade For DJ Wanna Bes

If you can't afford those two uber expensive turn tables and wanna join the late 1990s bandwagon of 'wanna be' DJs, than you might just appreciate the Sony LBT-DJ2i Xcross Fade.  It features 450 watts total power and most impor...
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Cell Phones

American Sign Language Cell Phone Tech Developed

I know I take my ability to hear for granted. Every day I go about my business making calls and having in person conversations without thinking twice about the challenges the deaf or hard of hearing have. Fortunately, some coll...
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