It’s a story as old as the world itself – hot girl sits alone at a table streaming music into her headphones, when a couple geeky dudes start giving her longing and lecherous looks. Good god man, learn to talk to girls.

Understandably, the girl is initially uninterested, but then she she realizes that all three of them are using the new Skunk Juice Ear Buds, which perform a trick of electromagnetic musical union, allowing you to detach your audio wire halfway up its length and then, in one swift move, reattach it to someone else’s wire.

So in the video making the rounds letting the populace know of Skunk Juice’s Ear Buds, which is part commercial, part hopeful viral entity, part music video meant to make guys feel bad, the hot girl does just that, she takes turns assessing the musical tastes of the geeky dudes by way of her trusty Skunk Juice Ear Buds, then kicks both to the curb – in a very literal sense – and electromagnetically plugs the wires back where they belong: on her own smartphone.

Which begs the question, if you’re going to be an asshole about it, and diss people about their music tastes – no, if you’re actually going to physically propel them out of the picture because of their music tastes, what’s the use of the Skunk Juice Ear Buds again?