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Need For Speed Shift Xbox 360 Review


Style.  The all time most over used word in the hip-hop language.  It’s also my favorite word and I don’t really even like hip-hop.  Need For Speed Shift is all about Style.  Your style.  Leaving behind the concepts found in the last several iterations of the Need For Speed franchise,...

iPhone Controlled Minivan (video)

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[GR]oHDwKT564Kk[/GR] It’s as if we need further proof that the iPhone can do just about anything. Using the same platform used in the 2007 Darpa Urban Challenge (an autonomous vehicle system) the Spirit of Berlin team built an iPhone app that allows a minivan to be controlled right from Apple’s...

Porsche Panamera USB Stick

Porsche Panamera Shaped USB Flash Drive


Aesthetically Porsche’s newest vehicle, the Panamera, is a nightmare and if any thing just reaffirms Jeremy Clarkson’s opinion of brand’s design team – it’s not a positive one.  But for those of you that purchased the 4 door sedan you might receive a little thank you gift that is far...


TomTom’s GPS Car Kit For The iPhone Now Available


TomTom’s Car Kit for the iPhone is now available for purchase at Apple’s online store.  But before you buy, consider the hefty price tag: $119.95.  And that doesn’t even include the necessary iPhone app, which costs an additional $99.  iLounge gave it a rating of ‘C’, which means it’s equitable...


Microsoft Store Capable of Xbox 360 Repair


I had a really great experience with Microsoft customer service when my Xbox 360 died.  The process was painless and took two weeks exactly.  Word has it that the newly opened Microsoft Store in Scottsdale Arizona is prepared to make Xbox 360 repairs. That’s good news and I’m sure that...