Gadget Review: SkullCandy Holua Wooden Earbuds

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19 Comments to Gadget Review: SkullCandy Holua Wooden Earbuds

  1. I’ve had them for a few months now and the sound quality is admittedly competent. The problem is that you need to have them ducktaped on your skin to actually listen to the sound itself. That cheapass cord results in some of the worst acoustics I’ve ever experienced, the slightest movement or touch is felt with a resounding thud in your ear canal. I got so fed up I eventually got rid of them. Did anyone at Skullcandy actually give them a test round before they released them to the market?

  2. I bought these ear buds today! And they work amazing! And to solve some problems to people, The ear bud with the mic and pause button is the R ear bud.

    They have amazing sound and people always ask me where I got em from. They are one of a kind and I love them for that ! ==))

  3. If they make an option for the gold cord to go away, maybe a color similar to the wood instead, and add some notches to designate which is the left and right, I'll consider it. But I'm be super angry if I got a pair that didn't tell me which ear the earbuds go in. I'm one of those people that care. A lot.

  4. Its not unusual where the mike is placed. Thats where it is on all headphones so people with iphones can talk on it and listen through the right ear bud…. why would it ever be before the cable splits??????

  5. The retailer had an image of them which I saw before I purchased them and nowhere did I see a mic on the cord. It’s a nice addon I guess but not something I really needed or expected to receive. At first I thought I had ordered the wrong pair (which is quite a scare when one dishes out close to $100 for earbuds).

    Even weirder is where the mic is placed. It’s on the cord leading to the right earbud as opposed to before the junction that divides the wires leading to each channel. At least the Mic’s placement is a nice substitute for the lack of L/R labels which isn’t just specific to this model. I don’t think any skullcandy earbuds have them for some unknown reason.

  6. At first I thought the skull candy brand had no markings of distinguishing left and right but if you look closely to the earbuds …. where the chord meets the actual buds there are little letters that say left or right

  7. Seriously? you think the cable is low quality? Its rubberized braided stainless steel for gods sake…
    now it would seem to me that your somewhat of a audiophile, therefore you should know that it insulates and protects the cable very well from being damaged as well as interference…
    and if you dont like that color why did you get it?
    I have the green and black ones myself,
    As for the whole left/right earbud thing, I think your being anal.
    Its not quite the same as reversing speakers in full surround sound.

  8. Something odd here. I wonder if these have been updated since this review was posted. I ordered a pair yet mine came with an embedded mic.

    Same model as yours I think (different colour though):
    “SkullCandy Holua Earbuds Headphone (SC HOLUA2/BG) – Black / Green”

  9. For anyone who’s interested, there seem to be new colours for the Holua available on SC’s website.

    By the way Jeff, have you ever listened to or owned any other earbuds in this price range? How do they compare?

    • Hi Nitesh, of what I have reviewed so far I always end up using the Razer Moray Gaming Earbuds. In terms of fit and sound they just work great for me and are about a third of the price of the Holua’s. Thanks for reading and I hope this helps!

  10. John Smith? Is that your real name? lol.

    Its weird that no one else has reviewed it, Skullcandy is pretty well known.

  11. Wow, this is the ONLY review i can find on these headphones! If there are any others that you know of please let me know.

    If i was a designer at Skullcandy, i would do the following:

    -Switch out the tacky gold cable for a cloth one (Hey, Hemp is sustainable! use it!)
    -Right and Left ear markings (not having them seems to be a trend with SK, i have the Ink’d headphones and its not on those either)
    -Send a bunch of review samples to review sites! This was the only review i found!

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