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It is essential to invest in the best whistler radar detector to grant you peace of mind while out on the road. The whistler cr93 is one of the best radar detectors, the most stacked device of the whistler series, and has plenty of features that will help you be more in control of your speed while driving. Speed cameras will have no chance of catching you slipping anymore.

Why We Like It – Whistler CR93

If you want to have a good shot at avoiding most of today’s laser radar guns, the Whistler cr93 provides technology to help you do that. Not only will this device provide a long range from which to detect radar, but it will go as far as distinguishing which radar to prioritize. It also informs you through voice so you don’t have to constantly look at it while on the road.

  • Internal GPS allows you to detect the red light camera and more
  • Traffic flow signal rejection gets rid of radar alerts from traffic flow sensors
  • You may get annoyed by numerous notification sounds


To guide you through your path, the CR93 has an internal GPS that has all red light camera locations programmed so you can be informed whenever you are close to one. This laser radar detector can find x k ka type of bands and you can even filter through the bands so you have fewer false alerts. You can also set up city and highway modes to precisely filter out the radars you need to know about to avoid speeding tickets. If you would like to see the runner up that placed right below this product, feel free to check out the Whistler xtr 135.


With the high gain lens, this detector has a long range and wider field of view. This will help you stay alert on any radar guns or traffic cameras that may be coming up on your route. If you would like to find more detectors with long range abilities, another option you may want to check out is the TMG Alpha 15.


This device is made from a plastic shell, so it will take some significant damage to cause it to break. Check with the retailer if you can add an insurance plan of some sort to extend the life of your investment. There will be a warranty in place in case of any internal malfunction.

Ease of Use

This monitor’s key features are easy to use. The OLED display will highlight all the upcoming radar interceptions you are nearby, and if you want to adjust any of the settings you will simply have to push the button pertaining to the function. There is a volume wheel on the side of the device that you can adjust higher or lower. There is also a speed muting button that you can press when you don’t want to listen to the device anymore. If you want to find a similar device, the Whistler cr68 is another device you may be interested in.


For less than two hundred dollars right now, you can take better control while on the road and be more informed on your surroundings. This device will pay itself off by giving you plenty of time to adjust your speed and avoid financial stress from tickets. Not to mention your road trips become much calmer when you are doing everything in your power to avoid any interaction with the police.

Whistler CR93 Wrap Up

The Whistler cr93 is a great investment because it will give you the power to read any oncoming radars that want to ruin your day by giving you a fat ticket. The various types of detection will keep you ready for what’s ahead, and the device will even prioritize these radars to help you determine which ones to watch out for.

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