Where to Store a Gaming Headset

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Updated October 26, 2022

The best gaming headset deserves a safe place to rest between gaming sessions. Proper storage also increases longevity, so you must keep them safe. You’re in luck if you’re unsure where to store a gaming headset. Below, we’ll go over the best place to keep your wired or wireless headset for easy access.


  • There are a few choices for storage, but using a ready-made hook for a headset and audio cable on your desk is the easiest method. You can also buy a separate storage system.
  • Some headset traits make storage more manageable, such as having a detachable microphone, thin memory foam ear cushions, and a lightweight aluminum alloy design.
  • Poor storage can ruin surround sound features, break your detachable microphone, lower the hours of battery life, and cause damage to a lightweight design.

Are there Storage Standards in the Gaming Industry?

There are several standards for competitive gaming, such as using a lightweight gaming headset or ensuring you have virtual surround sound-enabled. However, how to store a gaming headset is always up to the individual.

Insider Tip

A detachable microphone is excellent for providing maximum comfort and easy storage.

That said, there are a few common places where those using advanced gaming gear tend to store their equipment. We’ll go over more on that in the sections below.

The simple fact of the matter is that lack of proper storage can cause damage to your wireless or wired gaming headset. If you fail to do so, you might have to learn when to replace earpads on a gaming headset sooner rather than later.

Desk Storage Ideas for Your Gaming Headphones

Whether you have an Xbox wireless headset or an over-ear PC headset, most people keep their headset close to their platform of choice.

If you’re using an external mic, you might want to check out the best external mics for PC gaming, since many folks use gaming rigs. Let’s look at different ideas for desk storage. This is a popular place for an immersive headset to rest while you’re not gaming.

Use a Desk Design with Bult-in Storage

The perfect place for your immersive headset might be a specialized desk. For example, business-oriented desks often come with holders for your mobile device.

In the same vein, desks for gamers typically have a hook to hang your PC or Xbox wireless headset. A headset with direct pairing to your platform of choice is excellent, and a desk that provides direct pairing for your headset is even better.

Add Discreet & Non-Intrusive Storage to Your Desk Design

Another option is to add a storage system with an intuitive design, like a headset stand. Finding something that works with your desk design lets you keep your PC or Xbox wireless headset in its rightful spot.

Many of these options have a sophisticated aesthetic you’ll love. You can find great deals, such as the leading headphones for PSVR, during the holiday season with an extended return window in the United States.

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While wireless comfort is desirable, thicker memory foam ear cushions can be challenging to store in small spaces.


Does a voice in crystal-clear 7.1 surround sound better?

It does. This system from Dolby Atmos is also known as high-fidelity surround sound or spatial sound. Surround sound brings games to life on any powerful triple-threat gaming headset and provides distortion-free clarity.

Will an Xbox wireless headset work on PS4 & Xbox One?

Xbox One and PS4 are different systems and usually lack cross-compatible gaming components. An Xbox One won’t typically work on both a PS4 & Xbox One.

What is the best adjustable gaming headset with crystal-clear sound?

You have a few options available to experience game sound and passive noise cancellation like never before:

  • Turtle Beach Recon Spark Gaming Headset
  • Razer Kraken
  • Razer BlackShark
  • Razer Synapse

Is Turtle Beach good for surround sound on Xbox One?

Turtle Beach is a major innovator of gaming technologies. They make Xbox One-compatible headsets with a rechargeable battery that provides hours of battery life. In some models, you’ll find spatial audio controls that bring battles to life and distortion-free clarity with a detachable microphone.

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