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The TOPVISION Mini projector is one of those good things that come in small packages. This home theater projector is very nearly the best iPhone projector on the market, second only to the QKK Mini Projector. With good video quality, a long lamp life, and more connection options than you can shake a stick at, this mini projector from TOPVISION will make an excellent gift to give anyone – including yourself.

Why We Like It – TOPVISION Mini Projector

The TOPVISION Mini Projector combines power and versatility in a small, portable frame. Whether you’re having a movie night outdoors or gaming inside, this mini projector delivers high picture quality and can connect to a wide range of devices, while being easy to use by both kids and adults.

  • High maximum brigtness
  • Cool yet quiet
  • Many connectivity options
  • Only native 480p


While only possessing native 480p resolution, this TOPVISION projector does support full HD in 1080p resolution; combined with a 3,000:1 contrast ratio and a maximum brightness of 4,000 lumens, this mini projector offers good image quality for home cinema time and gaming, even with some ambient light. The independent intelligent cooling fans match their speed to the LED projector’s bulb temperature in real-time for minimal noise production with very little heat. The projector also comes with Smartphone Synchronization Screen technology, for easy viewing from your mobile device – no HDMI cable adapter is required.


Unlike the POYANK projector, the TOPVISION Mini Projector punches above its weight class with a sufficient brightness of 4000-lumens, which even negates some levels of ambient light. Compared to similar mini projectors, it boasts an average of 1,000 lumens of additional light. This comes from its LED video projector bulb, which provides superior performance over more traditional LCD bulbs typically found in LCD projectors. Plus, it reduces the amount of heat generated by the projector, producing an overall quieter product.

Adjustability/Viewing Angle

There are a variety of features that come with the TOPVISION Mini Projector to provide maximum adjustability. The large Focus Ring makes adjusting the focus of the lens very easy, to get the best possible video quality out of the highly adjustable screen size between 32” and 176”. The projector also comes with Keystone Correction technology, allowing users to adjust the viewing angle by up to ∓15° for an even easier setup. You can even adjust the audio, by plugging external speakers into its 3.5mm jack instead of using the built-in speakers. It also has connections for HDMI, VGA, USB, TV box, the Amazon Prime Fire TV Stick, and more. That’s nearly as many connections as the YG300 mini portable LED Meer pico projector has!


The TOPVISION Mini Projector is built to last, with an aluminum casing to provide durability and heat dispersal. The bulb of the projector is built with a similar sturdiness, with an estimated 80,000 hours of life before needing to be replaced, which can be done with relative ease. These features make it an excellent product to be used by or for children, in both domestic and educational settings. The mini projector also comes with a 2-year warranty, with lifetime professional support, as well as support from Amazon.com via their Contact Us page.


Combining all of the useful features of the TOPVISION Mini Projector into a portable frame with good picture quality makes this product an exceptional value. For less than $100, few other mini projectors can match the variety of use that the TOPVISION Mini Projector offers, though a few related products come close, such as the GooDee Mini Projector and the ELEPHAS Mini Portable Projector, though these don’t come with the same level of Amazon support. If you are looking for small size and immense flexibility, a projector that does not take up space on a wall, is easy to move around, has an inbuilt TV tuner, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and sound, the LG HF65LA is the best choice for you.

TOPVISION Mini Projector Wrap Up

The only real flaw of the TOPVISION Mini Projector is its lack of native 1080p resolution. Despite this, the TOPVISION Mini Projector is an incredible value with all of its features to make it as easy to use as possible, without being too loud or too hot. Transform any space into a personal cinema experience with nearly any device using this portable mini projector.

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