The Sonder Keyboard Is The Infinite Keyboard Of Your Dream

The keyboard is a many-splendored thing. We call on it to do tasks ranging from the important, like gaming, to the trivial, like work. But you can’t use the same keyboard for so many different tasks. Or can you? That’s where the Sonder comes into play, serving as the multitool you didn’t know your desk needed.

Sond It Out

It’s pretty straightforward, as a keyboard goes. It connects to your computer via Bluetooth, so you can work wirelessly. So far, so standard. But it’s what you can do with it when you connect it.

Essentially, aside from the rim keys like shift, tab, and caps lock, you can program any key on the Sonder to anything you want. Want to switch from Qwerty to Dvorak? No problem. Want to reconfigure your keyboard for the video game you’re currently obsessed with after you’re done working? Just switch over and go to town. Want to hotkey your favorite websites across the top? All yours.

It’s fully configurable, and the epaper keys will just shift easily. Basically it’s the keyboard you always wanted.

Profounder Sounder

sonder 2

Yes, some of us are happy with just a standard keyboard. But if you want to configure to get more work done, or just want more flexibility in your peripherals, the Sonder will just run you $200. Hey, if nothing else, it’s still better than a typical wireless keyboard.

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