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The Quictent carport upgraded galvanized reinforced is a spacious car canopy that is big enough for a boat or a couple of cars. The steel framework is heavy enough to be grounded well and prevent collapses from extreme weather conditions. This canopy ranked among some of the best on our list of the Best Carport Cover.

Why We Like It – Quictent Carport Upgraded Galvanized Reinforced

The Quictent carport upgraded galvanized reinforced model is a car shelter canopy that fits a few vehicles in your driveway. The polyethylene cover fabric ensures that no rain or sunshine gets through and affects your vehicles. The upgraded heavy duty car canopy comes with everything you’ll need, and if something goes missing the warranty will ensure you are taken care of.

  • Spacious enough to be used as a boat shelter
  • Made with a heavy duty galvanized steel frame
  • Does not have any doors


This car canopy can function as a temporary garage solution, or you can use it to prevent your cars from being exposed to rain or light on a daily basis. Either way, the fabric reinforced PE is designed to withstand tough weather conditions. The reinforced package provides a wooden bracket that helps minimize damage to anything under the canopy. If you would like to find similar models, you may be interested in the Quictent 10x20ft upgraded reinforced cables blue.


The high strength upgraded galvanized tube provides long lasting durability to your heavy duty carport and makes it rust resistant. The extra thick polyethylene fabric is UV resistant and rain resistant. The canopy comes in white, beige, blue, or green so you can choose whichever color fits your preference. Each canopy has 4 high strength steel cables reinforced so they can withstand harsh conditions, but customer reviews reveal that consumers should please try to exercise caution during extreme wind conditions. If you would like to find a less expensive option, you may be interested in the Crown Shades portable carport cover.


If you would like to purchase this carport canopy, you can receive free shipping even if you don’t have Amazon Prime. For purchasing this canopy, the Quictent company offers a 1 year warranty plus a lifetime replacement for parts of the canopy to ensure that you get your money’s worth. If you would like to see higher quality canopies, you may want to check out the Abba patio carport portable sidewalls.

Quictent Carport Upgraded Galvanized Reinforced Wrap Up

Thanks to the reinforced steel cables extra firm grip, the Quictent carport upgraded galvanized reinforced is a heavy duty carport that provides enough space for the families’ cars or a boat as well. This canopy will provide UV protection as well as other conditions. If this hasn’t convinced you yet, the company will also provide replacement parts to extend the life of this canopy.

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