Pro Lift B 004D Grey Hydraulic Bottle Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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The Pro Lift 004D hydraulic bottle jack is a stellar example of what most people need to have in the boot of their car so that they’re never caught in a sticky situation whenever they need to change a tyre. The grey hydraulic bottle jack is simple to use, relatively affordable and capable of lifting any vehicle that weighs up to 4 tons. Another good thing about it is, you don’t have to use it for just lifting your car. You can use it to hold up floor joists, small foundations, or even bend bars. If you’re interested in it, stick around to find out what else it has to offer, and why it could be the best bottle jack for you. We also welcome you to discover these must-have car accessories.

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Why We Like It – Pro Lift B 004D Grey Hydraulic Bottle

The Pro Lift B 004D is one of the best bottle jacks you can get without digging too deep into your wallet. It’ll be able to lift your sedan, coupe or SUV as long as it’s under 4 tons, and it meets both ANSI and PALD’s industrial standards.

  • Extension screw adjusts to the required work height
  • Comes with carrying handle
  • Serrated steel lifting saddle
  • Brief 90-day warranty


A hydraulic bottle jack works by pushing an oil like fluid under a large piston to create lift. It’s one of the most reliable types of jacks you can go for, and its form factor allows for easy storage. The 4 ton capacity, Pro Lift B 004B bottle jack is an example of a hydraulic jack, and it has a lifting range of about 15 inches which is more than enough to reach whatever you need to on the underside of your car. The heavy duty jack doesn’t come with a safety bar like the Alltrade 640912 Black All Bottle jack does, but it’s locking mechanism is still secure enough to make sure the lifted vehicle remains steady.


The design of the Pro Lift 004D is not that different from other bottle jacks. It weighs around 8 pounds, (4 pounds heavier than the Big Red Torin Hydraulic Bottle Jack Capacity) so it’s not that difficult to move around. What you will notice is that it’s got a steel lifting saddle that’s been well engineered to hold load securely, and an extension screw that adjusts easily to accommodate your desired work height. These, alongside the fact that it’s got heat treated critical stress areas make it durable enough for long term use, as long as you make sure that you don’t use it to lift weights of more than 4 tons heavy.

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The Pro lift 004D 4 ton bottle jack comes with a couple of built in features that make using it quite easy. For example, the jack has a built in bypass system that protects against ram overtravel, as well as a carrying handle that makes it easy to move around with. The lifting saddle is also serrated to allow for good grip, and like many bottle jack stands, it also has a wide base for optimum stability. If you feel like 4 tons is a little less than what you would like to work with, then perhaps the 6 ton capacity Pro Lift B 006D Grey Hydraulic Bottle jack would be more suited to your preferences.

Pro Lift B 004D Grey Hydraulic Bottle Wrap Up

This 4 ton bottle jack from Pro Lift is all you need if you’re not looking for anything complex, and you also don’t want to break the bank when getting a jack. It’s reliable, well built, and will last for a long time of use.

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