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The Planet Audio ac10d voice subwoofer is an affordable device that will improve your car rides with massive sounds. The ac10d subwoofers have a foam design that is durable and it is backed by an extensive 3 year warranty from the company. It is an affordable subwoofer that will work well with a top-rated car stereo. You may also be interested in checking out the best GPS tracker.

Why We Like It – Planet Audio AC10D Voice Subwoofer

If you are trying to upgrade your car audio system on a budget, the Planet Audio ac10d voice subwoofer may be the perfect choice for you. The power handling on this subwoofer max out at 1500 watts. It is a 10” product that will bring great sounds to your vehicle.

  • 4 ohm voice coil
  • Polypropylene makes for a durable material
  • Customer reviews revealed that you may find a breaking point, so be wary of volume levels


This subwoofer is 10” and has a peak power of 1500 watts. The voice coil on this device handles high temperatures and keeps you listening to music for a longer time. The cone is made from polypropylene which can be used in many areas and is more durable than other materials. The subwoofer has a foam that is flexible and provides higher efficacy. If you would like to see smaller subwoofers, you may be interested in the Kenwood ksc sw11 compact enclosed subwoofer.


For this subwoofer, you may require professional help to ensure that the wiring is correct and you can enjoy your music sooner. The Planet audio device does not come with an enclosure, so if this is a deal breaker you may want to look into sosmething like the MTX terminator tne212d 200 watt enclosure which has more materials included for faster installation. The Planet audio subwoofer has a max output power of 1500 watts. You can also go through our Rockville RW10CA Profile Powered Subwoofer review if you are not tech savvy and want something that is easy to set up.


Right now you can take advantage of the Planet audio speaker and save 35% while also getting free delivery as well. This subwoofer comes with an extended warranty of 3 years in case of any defects you are covered. Customer reviews revealed that the speakers sound great, but ran into some wiring issues while setting it up. You may want to have some professional help with setting up your speakers to save you a headache. If you want multiple speakers then you may want to check out the Pioneer TS Sw2002d2 8 Inch Shallow Mount Subwoofer review.

Planet Audio AC10D Voice Subwoofer Wrap Up

The Planet Audio ac10d voice subwoofer is a great budget subwoofer that will drastically improve the sound system of your vehicle long as you get it professionally installed. The stamped basket, flexible foam, and voice coils are made to be durable as well as affordable. If anything goes wrong in the three years after you purchase, you have a warranty to back you up.

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