Interested in the best mini projector? Portable projectors are great for watching your media anywhere with a large picture. It allows you to have a movie theater experience no matter where you are. Compare this projector with our Princeton mini projector: the toyjector review to decide which is best. Or, of you want a projector that’s even smaller, take a look at our review of the Toshiba, shows off its handheld pico projector.

Compact and Powerful

You could project a movie against your wall and watch it bigger than you could on any TV. Maybe project some music videos against the wall during a party. Portable projectors are always great for presentations at the office too, but that’s a bit on the boring side. Compare this projector with our EZCast Beam J2 Mini Projector review.

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There are many portable projectors to choose from these days and some of them are even battery powered. Like the P6 Pico projector. This baby fits in the palm of your hand but delivers a huge experience. The UO smart beam projector: packs a big image in a small cube, is another projector that would fin in the palm of your hand.

The P6 has a lot going for it. Like 30,000-hour l for vibrant color and a 30,000-hour lifespan. The P6 is an all-in-one media system with an onboard media player, a lithium-ion battery, and a powerful 2 watt speaker. An additional array of inputs includes VGA, Digital Video (HDMI compatible), and Composite Video. Check out how this P6 Pico compares with the Apeman Mini Projector M6 for more options.

The 80-minute lithium ion battery means that you can project on the go. The onboard media player lets you easily access your videos, slideshows, pictures, and music. Compare the Pico with our similar Piqo smart mini projector review a 1080p projector for your pocket.

P6 600 Lumen Pico Projector
The P6 Pico Projector.

True Native 1080P

The P6 Pico projector delivers 1280 x 800p pixel resolution.  These specs make the P6 a very capable and handy portable projector to take with you anywhere. Whether you are on vacation, traveling for business or you just want a small projector for home use, the P6 is a good choice.

This device is compact, easy to use and whatever media you use with it is going to look amazing. It is small but powerful.

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  1. “True Native 1080P
    The P6 Pico projector delivers 1280 x 800p pixel resolution.”

    My biggest complaint with projectors is the total BS the manufacturers try to push…. True 1080p IS NOT 1280 x 800. Which one is it? True native 1080p or native 1280×800…. It can’t be both.

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