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Kanex’s New Multi-Sync Keyboard Makes Multitasking Just That Bit Easier


Often we’re using multiple screens at the same time, and it can become cumbersome to jump from one to the other as you’re working. Kanex, to this point mostly a manufacturer of cables, has seen an opportunity here, though, to create a keyboard that seamlessly leaps between screens.

Wired And Wireless

Here’s how it works. The keyboard itself can be connected to one device with a wire using USB. Once that’s set up, you can link your other devices using Bluetooth, up to three. Then, when you want to switch from typing on your desktop to, say, your tablet, you just toggle the keyboard over and keep typing.

And it’s a full keyboard, so those of us composing the great American novel on their phone will be more comfortable.

Built For iOS

That said, Kanex being a company that largely makes accessories for iOS, you are going to see a bit of a bias here. For example, instead of the handy function key, you’ll find there’s an iOS Home key, which we guess is useful in its own way, and there’s a Search key instead of a Control key under the right-hand shift. You also will lose a few function keys to the switching; F1-F3 are for Bluetooth switching and F4 pops you back onto the USB connection.

In a nice touch, you can either power this through the USB bus, or pop in some AAs and go wireless.

For Writers On The Move


Really, this is a keyboard built for people who write a lot, across multiple devices, and have a lot of territory to cross. And it seems well designed in that respect; the power options, the multiple Bluetooth syncing, and the fact that it swaps out a few keys to let you make use of other functions on the road, all add up to a keyboard writers need. Kanex is making it available for $70.

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