HP Announces Six New Ivy Bridge Desktops

HP has announced the addition of six new desktop computers to their Ivy Bridge lineup that already includes a number of laptops featuring Intel’s 22nm micro architecture. The six quad-core models will soon be available directly from the manufacturer. Three of the new Ivy Bridge Desktops will feature all-in-one form factors, which include the Omni 220qd that will start at $999 and feature Beats Audio and a cantilever design; the Omni 27qd that’s sports a $1,199 price tag and a 27-inch display; and, finally, the TouchSmart 520xt, which features a touch-enabled 23-inch display that’ll retail for $999.

The other three models are stand-alone desktop computers. The HPE h8t model will go for $699, while the HPE h8x is a more powerful unit that’s priced starting at $799. The higher-end model is the HPE Phoenix h9t, which will will retail starting at $1,149. The Phoenix will be available on Sunday, April 29, while the other five models won’t go on sale until June 24th.

PALO ALTO, April 24, 2012 – HP today expanded its consumer desktop portfolio, adding five models powered by Intel’s 3rd generation Intel® Quad-Core™ processors that deliver intelligent performance and enhanced built-in security.

Intel’s new 3rd generation Core processors offer up to twice the HD media and 3-D graphics performance as well as significant processor performance as previous generation. Consumers will appreciate the added protection against viruses, malware and rootkits provided by Intel® Secure Key and Intel® OS Guard.

HP Omni 220qd: A sleek all-in-one PC that offers a streamlined cantilever design and optional features such as Beats Audio™ for a PC that sounds as good as it looks.

HP Omni 27qd: The company’s first 27-inch all-in-one PC and the first non-touch HP PC to feature HP’s exclusive Magic Canvas software for a truly engaging experience.

HP TouchSmart 520xt: Designed for consumers who demand a premium multimedia and touch experience.

HP Pavilion HPE h8t and h8xt: Provides the ultimate computing experience in a sleek and simple design. Select models can support up to three displays.

HP Pavilion HPE h9t Phoenix: The company’s most powerful Pavilion platform to date, it is engineered to run power-hungry applications such as video editing and games with ease.

For an in-depth look at the HP consumer desktops powered by 3rd generation Intel Core processors, check out TheNextBench.

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  1. oooh, cool. I’ve heard of this Ivy bridge processors for slim form factor devices. It looks promising, but they say that its release might be delayed due to problems with the supply. Is it true?

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