The purpose behind the biggest mystery in Grand Theft Auto 5 was recently solved with a heart-pounding chase between the Sasquatch and the famous 1980’s movie character, Teen Wolf. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to unlock both characters! And by the way, if by chance you’re looking for something to watch on your console, we’re introducing PlayStation Vue: TV for your PS4 or PS3 without a cable sub.

The GTA series is well known for including secrets and easter eggs for players to enjoy, to name just a couple. Grand Theft Auto 5 has been no exception, with some fans going through the massive code line by line. By doing so, players stumbled upon a set of coordinates and the phrase ‘He was wrong to start his chase on a Tuesday’. When visiting the coordinates nothing seemed out of place or special in any regard. But under certain conditions, the first clue to a much bigger mystery would appear.

A collective of gamers compared notes to find that one the locations could spawn a special golden peyote plant. Yes, you read that right.

However, you have to visit said location while it was foggy or snowy on a Tuesday between 5:30-8 AM. Once you found the plant you have the option to ingest it and enjoy a drug high where you turn into the elusive Sasquatch! If you want to find this plant yourself check the video below. Also, you may love our review on nudity sex and other explicit things to find in GTA 5 NSFW/2.

This solved one part of the mystery – what the coordinates were for – and the players quickly figured out this plant related to the ‘Tuesday’ mentioned in the secret phase. It was easy to devise that each coordinate contained golden peyote plants on different days of the week. Luckily a second clue was revealed and prevented a huge trial and error process connecting the coordinates to days of the week.

When playing as the Sasquatch a button press would reveal a sonar that would direct you to a peyote coordinates. This major clue gave the order of coordinates for players to move through. This brought on the next big challenge of collecting all seven plants within 2 and half hours of in game time, giving players about 4 and a half minutes to collect all the plants.

Players found the peyote coordinates and what order to visit them, but could they grab them all in time?

Dedicated players were able to grab all the plants but received no reward or even acknowledgment that the players accomplished something great. The mystery hit a dead end.

It took an update to Grand Theft Auto 5 code for the next clue to be revealed. Rockstar replaced ‘He was wrong to start his chase on a Tuesday’ with ‘His quarry seemed familiar.’ This was a direct sign that the developers were aware of the community hunting the secrets to the golden peyote plants and recognizing how far they had come in solving it.

At first, the players were a little lost with the new phrase. Tinkering with the sasquatch they found that once they had cleared the peyote time trail their roar would get a reply! Players followed this audio clue to find a Micheal J. Fox Teen wolf character running rampant across the map. Reports on the chase are varied as some can last for hours, take multiple paths, sometimes backtracking or even going in circles, but few players have been able to track down the beast for an epic finale that we have a found a video for below.

If you are able to kill the teen wolf, head into Grand Theft Auto 5’s director mode and you can select the 80’s icon as a playable character!

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