Giantex Gaming Chair Review

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Updated June 27, 2022

The Giantex Gaming Chair is a great option to go for especially if you don’t have a lot of requirements for your gaming chair, and would just need something that allows you to lounge on the floor whenever you feel like you need to. The Giantex folding chair is pretty much perfect for anyone who wouldn’t really prefer a high back office chair, and retailing at about $80, it’s relatively affordable. People that might be shopping for the Best Gaming Chairs might be tempted to classify it as the Best Console Gaming Chairs, and if you happen to be looking around for the Best Gaming Chair for Kids, it might also feature in your search. Sit tight, and we’ll take you through what you should expect from it.

Why We Like It – Giantex Gaming Chair

The Giantex Gaming Chair is a simple example of a chair that’s perfect for anyone who would want to be able to have a lounge chair that they can just place on the floor and use. The chair is also quite affordable, and with a maximum weight capacity of 200 pounds, it’ll be perfect for use by adults.

  • Easily foldable and light
  • No assembly required
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • No armrests


Similar to the Cohesion XP 2.1 Gaming Chair, there’s not much in terms of defined lumbar support that you should expect from the Giantex Gaming Chair. However, it is heavily padded, so you should be able to lean back on it and feel quite relaxed. The chair’s ergonomic design keeps your back well positioned, and it’s soft fabric feels very smooth to the touch.


The Giantex Gaming Chair is quite comfortable to lay on, and at a weight of about 13 pounds, it’s also very easy to carry around. It’s backrest isn’t as large as that of the X Rocker Pro H3, so if you happen to be taller than 6 inches, the chair might feel small to you. If you get it for kids though, it’ll be perfectly fine. The lack of armrests is also a little disappointing, but if this is something that you can deal with, then the chair shouldn’t pose any other issues for you. If you want to hear the sound and the excitement of the game, read our Gadget review lumisource boomchair shark gaming chair.


Unlike a typical high back racing style chair like the Respawn 110 Gaming Chair, there aren’t as many adjustments that you’ll be able to make to the Giantex Gaming Chair. The seat height will always remain the same since the chair can only be placed on the floor, but since the chair can be easily folded, you won’t struggle to adjust it to your preferred seating angle. You can also get a computer chair with lumbar support and footrest in our gtplayer chair review.


If you’ve had the experience of regularly sitting on a pu leather office chair, then you might have probably experienced a decent amount of back sweating. The experience on a mesh chair happens to be a lot better since air will be able to easily circulate. With the Giantex Gaming Chair, breathability is not as bad as it would be on a PU leather chair, but also not as good as a mesh chair. The high quality polyester fabric allows for a decent amount of air circulation, making it perfect for sitting on for long durations of time.


With a weight capacity of up to 200 pounds, it’s obvious to see that the Giantex Gaming Chair is well built to support the weight of a full grown adult, while still being light enough to easily carry around. The chair has a high quality iron frame, and unlike many other racing style chairs, it doesn’t also require any assembly.

Giantex Gaming Chair Wrap Up

There are a lot of gaming chairs in the market that are well engineered to be comfortable and keep you in place as you game, but if you want something that you can just place on the floor and use, then the Giantex Gaming Chair is for you. It’s easy to use, foldable, and can be used by both kids and adults.

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