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Finding the Best Cordless Radar Detector can be hard when there are so many models to go through. The Escort passport max 2 is a great choice to go with because it fills in the gaps of knowledge for finding the nearest laser radar around you through GPS and can provide coverage for radars in front and behind you to provide a safer driving experience. Buy it and rate it if it is the best radar detector.

Why We Like It – Escort Passport Max 2

The Escort Passport Max 2 radar detector will put your mind at ease while driving. This device is able to pick up on a variety of radar bands and may help you zero in on the next speed trap, radar gun, or speed cameras ahead. It includes Bluetooth technology to add some more accessibility to keep your eyes on the road. Also, open the Escort max ci 360 review and look at a radar detector that is easy to integrate into the vehicle.

  • Multi-lingual alerts will keep you focused on the road ahead in your preferred language
  • Detects multiple bands from x band, k band, and more
  • Is much more expensive than the competitors


If you want to say goodbye to tickets from red light cameras, radar guns, speed traps, then you want this device on your dashboard. This device will pick up signals from the x band, k band, ka band, and laser to keep you in the know so you can regulate your speed as needed. You can toggle modes going from city to highway so you can receive fewer false alerts. When a radar is detected, you will be notified by voice alerts on any radar detectors nearby. If you would like to see how competitors differ from the Passport max2, you may want to check out the Valentine One radar detector. If you need a radar detector that allows you to customize up to 10 features, read the Escort solo s2 cordless radar detector review.


The Escort radar detector has a real time GPS which provides long range coverage for the device and even has a camera directory so you can know exactly where any traffic cameras will be located while out and about. If you would like to find more Escort products, another option to check out is the Escort solo s4 radar detector.


The Escort Max II has a plastic design, so it will take some damage in the event of an accidental fall. It comes with a windshield mount so you secure it on and not worry about it flailing around back and forth while you drive. Make sure to ask your retailer if they offer any protection plan that you can add on. If you want to check out some other brand of the detector, you may want to take a look at the Uniden r3 extreme long range radar laser.

Ease of Use

The Escort Passport Max2 device provides a newer interface than other competitors, as it uses Bluetooth connectivity to help you pair your devices. From your mobile device, there is an Escort Live App where you can receive updates on traffic issues from the community of Escort users. To understand the key features, the “MRK” button can mark a location for you to remember on the detector, the “SEN” button manages sensitivity, and the “BRT” button alters brightness. It may be helpful to skim a couple of pages of the user manual to know about every feature this device offers.


Investing in a radar laser detector may not be on everyone’s wishlist, although it is certain that just about everyone dislikes any attention from the cops. With this device, you can ease your driving anxieties by knowing what is coming up on your radar next and best prepare yourself by regulating your car to the speed limit. When you are better at using this device, you can set a speed muting setting to get alerts from one certain speed and avoid all other speed notifications. This device will have you prepped for every camera location in North America.

Escort Passport Max 2 Wrap Up

While the Escort passport max 2 may be much more expensive than the competition, the investment will pay itself off by keeping you informed on any speed traps and radar guns potentially saving you thousands on speeding tickets. The Escort Live app, along with GPS and the camera directory will work in unison to keep you in the know.

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