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The Escort Max Ci 360 earned its spot as the best radar detector With Laser Jammer because it can detect and scramble laser signals from a wide field of view. With this device, you can gain access to the Escort live app which is a community that keeps itself informed on any traffic issues near the area.

Why We Like It – Escort Max Ci 360

The Escort Max Ci 360 is the latest innovation in the line up of laser jammers by Escort. This device will provide all the laser detection you need to swiftly get away from any cop cars trying to pin you down with a huge speeding ticket. With the help of the Escort Live App, you can gain knowledge from the whole Escort community on the traffic obstructions around your area.

  • The “Mark” button can memorize speed trap and camera locations
  • The Twin antenna design provides long range protection
  • One of the most expensive jammers out there


The device includes front and rear laser ShifterMax sensors that detect laser radar on a 360 degrees angle. When your detector finds a radar gun on sight, it will alert you through its high resolution display. To reduce the frequency of false alerts, the device uses Traffic Sensor Rejection to reject any questionable signal. The device also has a camera database so it can find any speed cameras near your route. If you want to find more devices from the Escort line up, another product worth checking out is the Escort ZW5.Also, be sure to read our review of the Whistler XTR 538 with a cordless Radar design that is great for portability.


With the twin antenna design, the Escort device has long range detection that gives you enough time to react to the oncoming radar gun. If you want to find more products that have a long range detection, another product you may be interested in is the Blinder HP-905.


To make sure that your radar laser jammer works as it should, you may have to contract a professional to install the laser shifters and wiring correctly. One thing to take note of with these laser radar detectors is that the sensors that are placed outside of the vehicle may be prone to some damage from outside elements, so if your retailer offers any protection plan don’t hesitate to add it on.

Ease of Use

After successfully installing the front radar and rear radar, you are set to start detection. Through the module, you can adjust settings like sensitivity, mute, power, volume, and brightness. Other useful settings include the mark setting which lets you manually set a point where you have seen a traffic camera. Once you get the hang of the device, you can dive deeper by opening up the Escort Live App to inform other users about your discoveries, or vice versa you may be able to find out about a traffic obstruction near you from another user.


The Escort max is one of the most expensive laser radar jammers out there. If you are not ready for a financial commitment of this magnitude, you may want to consider a less expensive option such as the AntiLaser Priority. Regardless of price, these radar receivers are worth every penny and will save you plenty of money by keeping you from constantly getting pulled over for speeding. This particular model provides radar detection from afar and allows you to think of a plan before you hit the radar, and you can update the community so everyone else will be ready for it as well.

Escort Max Ci 360 Wrap Up

While the Escort Max Ci 360 laser jammer is worth the equivalent of a good used car, the radar performance on this device will keep you out of harm’s way by accurately finding and jamming radar signals so you can go about your day not worried about accumulating yet another speed ticket on your record.

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