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The Elephas Mini Portable Projector not only delivers a quality viewing experience in a portable frame, but it also has wireless and wired connectivity to your smartphone, making it one of the best iphone projectors on the market. If you’re looking for a quality portable projector for not much money, the Elephas Mini projector is an excellent choice.

Why We Like It – Elephas Mini Portable Projector

The Elephas Mini Portable Projector lets you bring an immersive cinema experience anywhere you go, striving to meet all your home theater needs in a small, inexpensive video projector.

  • High brightness
  • Quiet cooling system
  • Good value
  • Native 480p resolution
  • No built-in battery


Though it only projects with a native resolution of 480p, the Elephas Mini Portable Projector supports up to 1080p resolution, and enhances images through its 24-bit true-color support. This is superior to the GooDee Mini Projector, which has a native resolution of just 240p. The projector has a contrast ratio of 3,500:1, for quality colors and black levels insufficiently dark environments. The projector produces good sound quality from its built-in HI-FI stereo speaker, to provide immersive sound and create a genuine cinema experience.


The Elephas Mini Portable Projector boasts a much higher maximum brightness than average, offering up to 4,600 ANSI lumens. While this is certainly impressive, the relatively low contrast ratio offered by the projector means you will get far better picture quality when using the home theater projector in a dark room. Still, the Elephas portable projector easily overpowers ambient light and projects a brighter image than most mini projectors, including the TOPVISION Mini Projector, which has a maximum brightness of only 2,400 lumens.

Adjustability/Viewing Angle

The Elephas Mini Portable Projector comes with several adjustability features to ensure an easy installation and setup wherever you take it, though a power cable connection is required to run the projector. A manual focus ring and zoom features allow for a more tailored screen size with optimal clarity. Keystone correction technology provides more flexible placement options, making initial setup even easier. Features and settings can be adjusted from the comfort of your seat thanks to the included remote control.


The Elephas Mini Portable Projector has a relatively small case of 8×5.5×2.8”, weighing only 2.3 pounds, and sporting connections for HDMI, USB, VGA, Amazon Prime Fire TV Stick, and more. Most impressive is the projector’s LED bulb, which provides higher lumens and longevity with less cooling requirements than an LED projector. The Elephas mini projector has an impressive average lamp life of 50,000 hours, matched by only a handful of projectors such as the QKK Mini Projector. The Elephas projector also comes with a generous 5-year factory warranty.


The value of the Elephas Mini Portable Projector is hard to overstate. While some features are simply standard of most mini projectors, this home theater system goes above and beyond with better picture quality, sound quality, maximum brightness, durability, and connection options than most other portable projectors. Considering all these attributes, the Elephas mini projector is a steal for just over $100. While perhaps not the best portable projector available, it is nothing short of an incredible value. The Epson VS350 XGA 3LCD Projector is worth checking out as it provides an overall better value at $369.99.

Elephas Mini Portable Projector Wrap Up

The low native resolution and lack of a built-in battery can be problematic, but the Elephas Mini Portable Projector offers a level of quality rarely seen in projectors of its size, and more than makes up for these drawbacks. For a quality cinema experience that travels with you and won’t break the bank, the Elephas Mini Portable Projector is a great projector.

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