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BANVIE Car Alarm RFID Immobilizer Hidden Lock System Review

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The BANVIE Keyless Entry System will re-arm after 15 seconds of inactivity which adds an extra layer of security to an otherwise secure system. You can rely on Banvie and all our modern car accessories for efficiency. There’s no false alarm protection though, so while you’d be forgiven for jumping if the alarm went off, try to remain calm and not jump to conclusions. Check out our best car alarm list for more options!

Why We Like It – BANVIE Car Alarm RFID Immobilizer Hidden Lock System

The BANVIE Car Alarm RFID Immobilizer Hidden Lock System contains double layer start protection in the form of a push button start and an engine hidden lock. An included service mode allows you to bypass the immobilizer if need be, and installation is quick and simple thanks to all the included accessories you’ll ever need.

  • Re-Arms after 15 seconds of inactivity
  • Cab bypass the immobilizer if you’re desperate
  • Compatible with diesel-engine cars
  • No false alarm protection
  • No smartphone compatibilities

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The BANVIE RFID Car Alarm System contains both a push button start and an engine hidden lock system that work in tandem for double layer start protection for added security with a smaller price tag. The immobilizer, with warded lock card anti theft functionality, will automatically re-enter arming mode 15 seconds afterwards if you do not press the start button. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any features to protect against false alarms though. Check out the Avital 3100LX Car Alarm if this feature is a must-have for you.


The BANVIE RFID Engine Lock Car Alarm features a bypass module to bypass the immobilizer called Service Mode. While in this mode you can use the start stop button for an engine start without the need of an ID Card. This is great if you’re the type of person who’s always misplacing things. It’s not designed with any smartphone compatibility or car tracker though, which comes in handy when you have a teenage driver. Consider the CarLock 2nd Gen Advanced Real Time 3G Car Tracker if you’re concerned about your teenage driver or just like easy installation.


The BANVIE Car Alarm comes with an array of accessories inside the box like an installation wire, master card, RFID sensor ring, and push start stop button. If you want a system with a little more accessories, like two fobs, that’s easy to install check out the Viper 350 PLUS 3105V 1-Way Car Alarm. The Banvie Car Alarm suits all DC 12V gasoline engine cars and even diesel engine cars whose start time is less than three seconds. We’d like to tell you how much it costs, but it’s currently unavailable on Amazon.

BANVIE Car Alarm RFID Immobilizer Hidden Lock System Wrap Up

The BANVIE Car Alarm RFID Immobilizer Hidden Lock System’s service mode is an excellent addition if you’re the forgetful type, and compatibility with a vast array of car models, including some diesel engine cars as well, makes it stand out. But the lack of smartphone compatibility is saddening considering virtually all products are headed in that direction.

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