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The Hand Crank Lamp

When the power goes out there are a few options: flashlights/battery operated lights, or candles. Candles aren't practical with kids, and chances are the batteries are half dead from the last power outage. I know the hand crank...

Ripserver: Super Powered Consumer Level Music Ripping Server

Ripserver has long been in the prosumer game providing the necessary technology for companies to 'rip' massive amounts of music. Today they've announced the availability of their consumer level rip station called the 'Ripserver...

Bang and Olufsen Intros Soundstage Audio A4 Avant

Bang and Olufsen unveiled its newest Soundstage car stereo setup for the Audi Avant A4 today. Through True Image Digital Signal Processing they've managed to turn 2 channels into a virtual 7.1 surround sound experience. Utilizi...

Home Theater

Forget Blu-ray and DVD, Rent Movies On A Flash Drive

Called Portomedia, the start up plans to offer movies via a proprietary USB flash drive and reader, with a supposed ultra fast download/upload speed (95 Mbps). To obtain movies - you can either rent or buy - you must visit one ...

Cool Retro Landline Phones In The Digital Age

The Colombo One and Colombo Two are purely an aesthetic play on the classic phone. Inspired by Italian designer Joe Colombo, the phones come in two styles (upright or laying down) and are available in 3 different colors: white,...

EVDO USB Modem With MicroSD Slot

Sierra Wireless introduced what the company claims as the smallest EVDO USB modem on the market today, the Compass USB 597. Included in the tiny package is a microSD slot, which should allow the device to do double duty as a US...


Under-Door Viewing Kit Makes You Spy Worthy

There's nothing better than a little old fashioned spying. The Under-Door Remote Viewing kit slips under most 1/4" doors and provides a 55 degree view (left and right) of the hidden action within a 15 degree line of site (think...

Auto Locking Computer Proximity Sensor

If you often fall victim to coworker computer harassment (aka they IM your girlfriend and say utterly unbelievable things) then remember to lock your computer when you leave your desk.  The TF2000 Proximity sensor does all the ...
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R2D2 Computer Case – Please Stop The Star Wars Madness

Yes, the saga continues...continues to show up in the form of merchandise. 6 months, please! That's all I ask. A 6 month break on all Star Wars paraphernalia. Don't do it for me, do it for Obi-Wan. I love me some Star Wars, but...


Real World Ray Gun (video)

[GR]J1w4g2vr7B4[/GR] I caught this on 60 Minutes Sunday night. The Ray Gun is the real deal as you'll see depicted in this 60 minutes piece (this version has been edited for online). The ray gun penetrates 1/64 of an inch of yo...

Jet Powered Minivan (videos)

"Are we there yet?" will soon be a forgotten kid nagging phrase thanks to the Jet Turbine Powered van. It's a turbine which should mean the jet's power is converted to the tires unlike a normal jet engine, which is thrust drive...
Cell Phones

3G iPhone Late June Or July 2008 (rumor)

Crunchgear is further disseminating a Fox News report that the 3G iPhone will appear either June 24 or July 1st. Fox isn't exactly known for their accurate or 'fair and balanced' reporting, but then again the iPhone doesn't inf...