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Gutair Hero On Tour (aka Guitar Hero On The Nintendo DS) (video)

[GR]EJdU0f8STN0[/GR] Guitar Hero is coming to the Nintendo DS. It's called 'Guitar Hero On Tour'. Check out the commercial to see how it works, and all the cheese.

Jamming Figurines & A Kenwood Stereo System

This has to be one of the oddest stereo systems I've ever seen: The Bandai Little Jammer Meets Kenwood Pro. I'll be honest, I'm not even sure you can play CDs on this thing, but for $570 you'd better be. What is it? It's 6 'Lit...

‘Don’t Cook Your Dog’ Temperature Alarm

One too many times I've seen dogs furiously panting away in the car on a hot summer day while their owner carelessly shops in air conditioned bliss. So if you're of the forgetful, or just not aware of the temperature, do your d...


Be James Bond With This Underwater Contraption

Oh how this reminds me of the days of watching the old James Bond movies - I'm talking Sean Connery, none of that Roger Moore crap. The Reef Rider Sea Scooter propels you forward under water at up 2.2 mph (boooo). But at about ...

Airhockey Without The Table

Although this probably won't provide the same level of entertainment, it might shut up the nagging kids you manifested one drunken night(s). The Air Hover Football puts all the air in the puck and turns any flat surface into an...

Dummy Surveillance Camera With Built-In Motion Detector

Not everyone can afford a few hundred dollars worth of gear when it comes to securing the premises. Your next best bet, beyond the sign that reads "this area is under video surveillance" is a fake camera. But not just any camer...


Chewbacca or Dead Cat Backpack, You Decide

Geek chic is just plain ugly. The Star Wars Chewbacca Backpack looks more dead cat, or at the very best like an Ewok humping your back. Includes a 13" compartment as well as "Chewie's trademark shoulder bag" - sweet, not really...

One Badass Shredder – Does 500 Pages At A Time

Although the days of Enron and Worldcom are behind us, the days of cooking the books and paper shredding are far from over. Hence the introduction of Rexel's Auto+ shredder. This thing destroys up to 500 pages at a time and che...

Washup Reuses Washing Machine Water To Clean Other Waste

The modern world wastes gallons and gallons of water. Fortunately, these days folks are catching on. God knows I've seen my fair share of waterless urinals. Yeah, it's a little funky 'on paper' but they actually work and they d...


The GX-10 Camera Puts You In The Game

The GX-10 Gaming Camera is a fair bit cheaper than the Wii, so expect novel, short term entertainment from this toy. How's it work? You shoot a pic of yourself and the included software inserts you into 1 of the 3 games of your...

Braunwoodline Super Compact Expandable Table

The Braunwoodline table is one sleek piece of furniture. As you'll see in the video, the table contains drawers. Each drawer contains 3 leafs that flip out and extend the table's surface area. A slick design and a great compact...
Cell Phones

Flash Player Confirmed By Adobe

According to Appleinsider, Adobe has began production on a Flash player designed for the iPhone. The news was announced during a conference call in which Adobe's president stated that with the release of the SDK they finally ha...