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theater solutions b83gr review

Theater Solutions B83GR Review

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Product testers were pleased with the Theater Solutions B83GR and recommended it for podcasts. They liked its rainproof construction, unique rock-inspired design, and loud output. However, they were disappointed by its bass-biased sound profile, poor soundstage, and so-so battery life.

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Professional reviewers liked the Theater Solutions B83GR, endorsing it for podcasts. Experts at RTINGS liked its waterproof construction. Reviewers at Find This Best loved the…

Professional reviewers liked the Theater Solutions B83GR, endorsing it for podcasts. Experts at RTINGS liked its waterproof construction. Reviewers at Find This Best loved the loud SPL output that reached 87.9 dB with a minor 1.25 dB DRC sound deterioration rate at the highest volume during testing. However, if you need a louder speaker, see our SOUNDBOKS Go review. Critics had misgivings about this device’s relatively narrow 116.5Hz to 10.5Hz frequency response range and the high 5.63 dB standard error, resulting in an uneven sound profile. It doesn’t have an EQ and produces weak low bass that is unsuitable for music and movie enthusiasts. Testing revealed a 6.5-hour battery life, 126 ms iOS Bluetooth latency, and 102 ms Android Bluetooth latency. Check out the Sony XP700 review for lower latency. However, analysts were disappointed that it doesn’t have speakerphone or voice assistant functions. It has a 6.70 dB directivity index, resulting in poor soundstage performance, and it downgrades stereo to mono.

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Reasons to Buy

  • Rainproof construction
  • Unique rock-inspired aesthetics
  • Speaker gets fairly loud and maintains good sound quality at high volume settings

Reasons to Avoid

  • Doesn’t support voice assistants and lacks speakerphone functions
  • Direction soundstage performance
  • So-so 6.5-hour battery life
  • Lacks EQ
  • Downgrades stereo to mono


  • Battery Life
    6.5 hours
  • Built In Microphone
  • Charge Time
    6.3 hours
  • Size
    12 inches (w) x 10 inches (h) x 10.4 inches (d) (30.5 cm x 25.4 cm x 26.4 cm)
  • Smart App
  • Speaker Pairing
  • Water Resistant
  • Wattage
    300 watts
  • Wireless Range


The Theater Solutions B83GR is a mid-range portable Bluetooth speaker released in 2021, promising a distinctive rock-themed design for outdoor use. It has a waterproof, rainproof construction that stands up to the elements. You can find speakers with similar attributes on our list of the best-ranked speakers today. This device connects via Bluetooth, featuring a 229.7-foot range. This device has a decent Bluetooth latency and gets loud. Explore the specs of the Theater Solutions B83GR below and check out other top Bluetooth speakers today.

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    The Theater Solutions B83GR performs poorly for music. It has an uneven sound profile. Its… read more

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