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Clean Your Keyboard With Cyber Goo

Ya, that's right, goo.  If you're thinking ewww, well, so am I.  Ok, I'll be honest, I don't know if it's goo per se, but based on the pic the Cyber Clean looks like a piece of Playdo.  Apparently, its malleable form will get i...

Lexie Barnes Laptop Bag Collection At A Glance

By Tiffany Miller I must admit, I’ve never felt the desire to bedazzle my cell phone or shell out extra cash for a hot pink ipod case. I like technology for utility, not as a fashion statement. This probably explains my lack of...

10 Centimeter Robotic Dragonfly Rocks A Built-in Camera (video)

This thing is scary small boasting a 10 centimeter wing span.  Built-in to the nose of the robotic insect is a camera.  Check the video after the leap to see it in action, including an 'in flight' view. Video after the 'leap' (...

Cell Phones

Samsung i8510 8 Megapixel WiFi/GPS Everything Phone Details

Samsung's newest slider phone is no slouch in the feature set.  It's sporting not only an 8 megapixel camera with a Xenon flash, but WiFi, 3G, image stabilization, face detection, panoramic photos, and blink detect.  But wait, ...
Cell Phones

iPhone Keypad Versus Treo Keypad

Who wins?  The iPhone of course!  In your face 'rest of the nay saying world'! Head over to iSmashphone to see all the stats and screens shots.

More Info About The Lightning GT Electric Car Sparks Questions

Looking oh so Aston Martin the Lightning GT electric car puts the Tesla to shame.  Ok, 'shame' maybe a little extreme, but if it really can travel 200 miles on a 10 minute charge than slap me silly and start sending me your pen...


Should The WASP Knife Be Illegal?

Ok, maybe that's an over reaction, because people kill people, not guns, knives, cars, etc.  But this knife is a bit on the egregious side.  Embedded in the handle of the WASP knife is small compressed air tank.  When the prey ...

Apple Macbook Touch Rumor Surfaces

I'm shakin' in my pants, from excitement that is.  The touchscreen Macbook would rock similar features to that of the iPhone including App store compatibility and GPS, and some how accomplish a reasonable price point.  Now if t...

Panasonic Launches 14.7 MP Digital Camera: Lumix DMC-FX150

This little guy packs a 14.7 megapixel punch.  I mean, come on, is that really necessary, or are people truly suckered into purchasing digital cameras based on megapixels?  Expect 3.6x optical zoom and an ISO ranging from 100-6...

Cell Phones
W302, W902, and the W959

Sony Ericsson Launches 3 New Music Phones

I lack the enthusiasm to the right about these music phones, but I think they're worth a mention.  Sony launched the W902, W959, and W302 today.  All of them are music phones with digital cameras.  The W902 is the best of of th...

Cow Methane Gas Tank

Cow methane (aka cow farts) causes global warming.  Yup, believe it or not, we've got enough cows roaming the earth to have a hand in the green house effect.  Looks like someone is finally getting on board, at least in Argentin...

Cheap and Small Gaming Projector

Not everyone can drop a few grand on a projector.  So, if you desire a similar gaming experience without burning your entire savings, then there's the XPJ Projector.  This $279 device displays a max resolution of 640x480, conne...