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Porsche Design Launches The Etón P’9120 Alarm Clock Radio

Porsche Design, an arm of Porsche, which is surprising since the 911 really hasn't changed all that much in 30 odd years, is getting into the bedside business with the The Etón P’9120 Alarm Clock Radio. Featuring three speakers...

LG 8-inch DVD Player LCD Photo Frame: The DP889

Sleek and some what svelte are almost mandatory for me when it comes to piquing my interest..for anything. The LG DP889 does just that and does double duty as an 8-inch photo frame and DVD player thanks to the hidden drive loca...

SX02 Flight Simulator

Got $9,500 to blow?  Good, because you'll need it to get into the SX02 Flight Simulator.  It features complete surround sound, 3 LCDs for true cockpit like viewing, an adjustable hand throttle, flight pedals, a backlit Logitech...


iPod Nano Gen 4 and iPod Touch Gen 2 Drawings Emerge

There's been a ton of Internet speculation as to whether or not the next gen iPod Nano will be a throw back to the original's long and narrow body.  This was further propelled when a case and images of the new Nano apperaed on ...
hivision laptop

The $98 HiVision miniNote Laptop

By: Albert S HiVision offers a $98 laptop that runs on Linux and features the Dragon MIPS processor, Wi-Fi, 1GB storage, 7" screen, 3 USB ports, SDHC card reader, audio in/out, ethernet, and VOIP functionality. Not too shabby f...
sprint xohm wimax

Sprint To Launch XOHM WiMAX Network In September

By: Albert S Sprint announced the availability of XOHM this month, starting with Baltimore then moving onto Chicago, Washington D.C, Boston, Philadelphia, and Dallas-Fort Worth. Did you catch the serious omission here? Los Ange...


Dell 910 (aka Inspiron Mini 9) Launch Date Confirmed

Dell, via Information Week, confirmed that the Dell 910, the Eee like PC - it's pretty darn small - will officially be unveiled this week.  Dell still won't confirm the previous leaked specs or the 2lb laptops official name.  G...
shure se102mpa

Shure Announces SE102MPA Sound Isolating Stereo Headset

By: Albert S Shure announced their budget SE102MPA sound isolating stereo headset. Listed at a cheap $99 (for Shure), these headphones feature the same passive noise isolating technology as their more expensive models. They wer...
Cell Phones

Nokia’s ‘Comes With Music’ Service Finally Launches

I reported on the 'Comes With Music' service last year, and finally the Nokia service has launched. In a nutshell, the 'Comes With Music' service is bundled with the purchase of a Nokia phone and provides users unlimited downlo...


Google’s Photo Service Gets Face Recognition

Google, the smart cookies that they are, added Face Recognition to its photo service (Picasa) today.  It's a pretty straight forward service. You just associate a name with a face, and Google will proceed to search, and index t...
Web Apps
google chrome

Google Announces Availability of Chrome Web Browser

By: Albert S Google announced the availability of their new Chrome web browser in beta form. Yeah, I know, it's not a gadget but it sure seems like one with its shiny name and numerous, nifty functions. Basically, it's a browse...
Cell Phones

Sony Ericsson EU Xperia Ad Emerges

[GR]CBjV2fYWlik[/GR] While watching this advert I couldn't help but notice that some of the imagery seemed a little forced.  For instance, they've sped up the portion of the video where the dude is responding to an email on the...