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Logitech Announces New iPod Alarm Clock: Pure-Fi Anytime

By now, everyone knows that the key to an Apple fan's heart is through design and functionality, hence Logitech's latest iPod alarm clock.  The Pure-Fi Anytime features a recessed dock to protect your iPod from that heavy hande...
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Vuzix AV310 Widescreen Video Goggles

By: Albert S The Vuzix AV310 video goggles is the first to deliver a widescreen 16:9 viewing experience by simulating a 52' (that's FEET not inches!) screen from 9 feet away. They claim it'll run for 5 hours on a single AA batt...
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Apple Updates Remote App To 1.1

Staying in sync with the iTunes upgrade Staying in sync with the iTunes refresh, Apple updated their Remote app to 1.1 today.  The update adds Genius functionality and the ability to edit and create playlists in iTunes from the...

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HTC Dream Launch Date

Unfortunately, there's no word on when the phone will be available for purchase, but T-Mobile will be holding a press event on September 23rd to announce (and show off) the HTC Dream, which will be the first phone to run Google...
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Verizon To Go Contract Free On September 21st

According to an insider source, Verizon is set to launch 'contract free' plans on September 21, 2008.  Stipulations require that you either pay for a phone in full - no subsidies - or bring your own equipment.  The user must pa...

Cray Supercomputer + Microsoft = CX1 Supercomputer

Cray, which long held THE Supercomputer status in the 80s, has partnered with Microsoft to launch the compact CX1 Supercomputer.  To be officially unveiled next Monday, the CX1 is running Microsoft's HPC (High Performance Compu...
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Star Wars The Force Unleashed iPhone App Now Available

If you recall, we wrote about the original Light Saber app being pulled from the store due to copy right infringement.  Supposedly they, as in Lucas, are going to release an updated version with more bells and whistles - the wh...
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Announcement Video for BlackBerry Storm Leaked

[GR]-eO5E2xwyXA[/GR] By A. Smith got ahold of a Verizon employee video and copies of the PDF talking points announcing the BlackBerry Storm.  It's the first touchscreen phone for BlackBerry and it looks to be a s...

Panasonic Announces World’s Smallest D-SLR Camera: Lumix DMC-G1

A few days ago, Panasonic unveiled what they're calling the 'world's smallest' D-SLR, the Lumix DMC-G1.  The 'G', as one Panasonic rep referred to it, weighs just 385 grams thanks to the elimination of an internal mirror struct...

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Contintental Blinged 3G iPhone

If you can't justify the cost of Vertu's latest cell phone, the Signature S Design, I totally feel you.  No one should suffer the hardship of dropping that kind of cash and not get some 'bling in return.  Hence Contintentals la...

New Macbooks Already Shipping

According to Citi Group analyst Rich Gardner, and by way of Apple Insider, Apple has already begun shipping new Macbooks from China to US shores. I have no clue how he confirmed this, but in a 'company flash' bulletin he wrote:...

Helly Hansen’s Latest Jacket Automatically Adjusts Its Warmth Factor

With winter just around the corner, many of you living in inclement climates will warmly welcome Helly Hansen's latest jacket.  The Odin PCM jacket features a fabric called Phase Change Material that can either increase or decr...