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Ultra High End iPod Dock: Art.Suono

Details are very scarce, but the Art.Suono is an iPod dock that purportedly transmits music wirelessly to a selected source. The device comes from the same folks that built the limited edition Ferrari speakers, David Wiener Ven...

Sprint’s XOHM WiMax Is Already Live Regardless of Official Launch Date

According to a source via Gearlog, the Sprint Wimax network is already up and running.  Commercially, it's not yet available, but Sprint and their partners have set Ocotober 8th as the official launch date.  Expect pricing and ...

Pretec Unveils Super Fast, And Large, Compact Flash Cards: 233X and 333X

Shattering the previous record of 50GBs, Pretec released details about their 64GB and 100GB 233X Compact flash cards today.  Read and write speeds are up to 35Mbps, overtaking Sandisk's recently released Extreme III 32GB cards....


Audi Travolution Project Predicts Red Traffic Lights

By: Albert S The Travolution system, co-developed by Audi and traffic management experts, informs the driver of the time remaining until a red light turns green. It then calculates and displays the speed the car must maintain i...

Gadgets At A Glance: miniMove Boombox for iPod

What is it: An iPod boombox shaped like a women's purse (pink, silver, teal and black colors available) Features: iPod dock for charging and playing, FM radio, clip on remote, 4xAA batteries or AC plug, backlit LCD and Aux plug...

Sook Kitchen Concept Takes Social Networking To A New Level

The latest trend in social networking is telling other folks what you're up to.  Course, this requires you to login on your phone or your computer and provide the details.  The Sook concept, from Adam Brodowski, takes the same ...


Super Tiny Keyboard

Tight on desk space?  Or perhaps you have really small hands? Here you go.  Brando's 'Super Tiny Keyboard'.  It's got 56 keys and connects via USB port.  Measures 170 x 73 x 15mm and weighs 56 grams. Ya, that's an iPhone for si...
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Asus Rolls Out Another Phone: P565

The long time computer maker is making a full on blitz into the cell phone arena. Two weeks ago we saw the P552 and now the beefer, but rumored P565.  It's sporting an 800Mhz Marvell Tavor processor, VGA screen and video confer...
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Verizon Makes Month-To-Month Official

Verizon made the rumor of the 'month-to-month contract' official today.  Before you sign up, though, you'll need to fulfill your previous contract before moving over, or incur an early termination fee. As previously stated, you...


Sony Vaio TT Laptop Specs

Sony's latest laptop, the Vaio VGN-TT190EI, is looking to be packing a serious hardware punch in a tiny and light weight package. We're talking 2.87lbs and a 10.23 square inch footprint. Specs? 1.2-1.4GHz Intel Core2 Duo SU9300...
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What is AT&T’s Home Manager?

Scratching your head about AT&T's Home Manager thingee?  In short, it's a Samsung touchscreen device, that gives you the basics: recipes, weather, scores, movie times and reviews, news, email, and voicemail.  AT&T's dem...

Bentley Jewelry and Watch Safes

Exclusivity is synonymous with the Bentley brand and hence why they've only built 200 of each of these safes. Funny enough, the specs read like a car: alarm, GPS, 10 interior leather hides, Bentley exterior colors and 3 wood ve...