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CyFi Wireless Speaker System

Riding a bike means safety first, probably something I should practice.  You see, I wear headphones when I ride.  Although it's not balls out loud, it still inhibits my hearing. CyFi must've seen me on the road, because they've...
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HTC Touch Diamond (Sprint) Review Already Posted

Mobile Burn got their hands on Sprint's soon to be launched HTC Touch Diamond smartphone.  Overall they recommend the touchscreen device and noted a few improvements over the original Touch.  For instance, Sprint has added a la...

Unlock and Lock Your Front Door From Your Cell Phone

Losing your keys and getting locked out of your house straight up blows.  If you live some where remote and cold the experience probably couldn't be any worse.  Or better yet someone is set to meet you at home, but you're delay...


Opus 8 Watch Looks LCD But It’s Much More

The Opus 8 is like Transformers. Why? Because it's more than meets the eye. Although it appears to be an LCD based watch it's in fact purely mechanical and lacks any sort of screen. The time is displayed using tiny pieces of me...

Apple Laptop Refresh Possibly This October

Live and die by the way of Apple, at least that's what you'd think those Macheads preach (I won't deny it, I'm sort of one). No doubt droves of Apple addicts were left with that empty not so fresh feeling yesterday. Why? Becaus...
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RIM Finally Announces BlackBerry 8220 Pearl Flip Phone

By: Daniel O RIM today announced the release of the new BlackBerry 8820 Flip Smartphone designed with the ‘other’ side of the mobile phone industry in mind. “The popularity of BlackBerry smartphones has grown tremendously aroun...

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Rumor: HTC Set To Introduce Full TouchScreen Phone Called HTC Touch HD

Season it up, because this one comes with a few grains of salt, as is the nature of rumors. HTC hasn't confirmed this or made anything officially, but they're apparently set to introduce a full screen HTC Touch this Xmas - holi...
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Sprint Makes HTC Touch and Pro Release Date and Price Official

Sprint got all official on release date and pricing for the HTC Pro and Touch, today. The HTC Touch will hit Sprint stores sometime this September (some are saying 9/14) and cost $250 after a 100 mail-in-rebate and 2 year contr...
swype text input

Creators of T9 Announce Swype Gesture Text Input

By: Albert S The creators of T9 announced Swype, a very cool, potentially thumb-saving method of text entry. Simply trace the word and Swype figures it out. For instance, in the above image, the finger traced the lines between ...

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Sony Announces Xperia X1 Release Date

And the crowd goes 'finally'!  For months, the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 had been rumored to be delayed.  Today, Sony Ericsson made its launch date official.  Don't get too hopped up on touchscreen action, though, because they on...
toshiba 240gb

Toshiba Announces 240GB 1.8inch Hard Drive

By: Albert S Toshiba announced a 240GB 1.8" hard drive for portable devices. Don't know about you but a 240 gig ipod would be pretty palatable.  I'd have a heck of a time filling it up but the option would be great nonetheless....

Esquire Mag Goes E-ink (video)

[GR]iKS12PMdJ6w[/GR] Back To the Future 2 technology is upon us!  Course, E-ink has been around for a few years to say the least, but this is first time we've seen it integrated in something so expendable.  Hit the video to see...